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Titus : Mystery of Enigma – Review

The film Titus: Mystery of the Enygma offers this in an animation genre with a specific market share for children and families. Best Movie Site The city of Steambourg is being confused with the problem of air pollution due to the flourishing industry in the city. The myth of a new clean and environmentally friendly […]

The Witch – Review

The Witch takes the same time setting when the ‘witch’ becomes a real and feared figure around the early 1600s. The story opens with the expulsion of the Williams family because of the problem of religious differences from a city in England. They finally moved and built a house near the forest to start a […]

The Peanut Butter Falcon – Review

The Peanut Butter Falcon actually raised the story of a man with Down syndrome as his main theme. Where this kind of theme has also previously appeared in other films such as Where Hope Grows, Yellow and Detective Downs. Best Movie Site This film is about the escape of Zak (Zack Gottsagen), a man with […]

21 Bridges : Review

The film 21 Bridges is a production of STX Films, and is directed by Brian Kirk, who is better known for directing TV series or mini series. Not only that, the film was also produced by Avengers: Endgame directors, Joe Russo and Anthony Russo, while the manuscript was done by Adam Ervis. Best Movie Site […]

An Inconvenient Truth – Review

An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary film that tells about global warming which according to the scientists in this documentary film which interprets the situation of the natives who are experiencing very serious problems and becomes a deadly threat if it does not act immediately. In this film apart from the scientists, there is also […]

Cold Case Hammarskjold – Review

Cold Case: Hammarskjold adalah sebuah film dokumenter baru yang menunjukkan bahwa sekretaris jenderal PBB yang terbunuh dalam kecelakaan pesawat 1961 sebenarnya dibunuh dalam sebuah konspirasi oleh supremasi kulit putih Afrika Selatan yang bersekongkol dengan CIA dan yang kemudian mengatur epidemi AIDS di Afrika. Atau setidaknya mungkin, semacam itu. Dag Hammarskjold adalah diplomat Swedia terkenal yang […]

In The Tall Grass Netflix – Review

“In The Tall Grass” is an Original Netflix This film was adapted from one of Stephen King’s novels with a similar title. There have been many films of this novelist with various original ideas, “In The Tall Grass” is one that has an interesting premise. Unfortunately, this film adaptation must be included in the team-film-adaptation-Stephen-King-who […]

Photograph – Review

PHOTOGRAPH adalah kisah tentang dua orang yang berasal dari strata masyarakat yang berbeda yang bersatu berkat keadaan yang tidak biasa. Rafiq (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) adalah seorang fotografer di Gerbang India, Mumbai. Dia tinggal di perkampungan kumuh di sebuah ruangan kecil bersama oleh 3 orang lainnya. Nenek Rafiq (Farrukh Jaffar), yang berbasis di desanya di Uttar Pradesh, […]

Skin – Review

Based on a true story, the film Skin raises social issues about the skinhead community. Skin is adapted from the biography of a man named Bryon Widner or better known as Babs (Jamie Bell). The story begins with young Babs who are invited to take to the streets. Then, he was appointed to become a […]

Everybody Knows – Review

Everybody Knows, also known as Todos Lo Saben, is a Spanish-language film. This thriller-themed psychology film was written and directed by Asgar Farhadi, an Iranian filmmaker who is known for his film works often being subscribed to an Oscar winner and other film festivals such as; The Salesman, The Past, A Separation, and About Elly. […]