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Penyedia membuka jalan untuk kemitraan baru di Buenos Aires Pragmatic Play, penyedia konten game terkemuka untuk industri game, telah mengumumkan kesepakatan untuk menyediakan slot dan portofolio permainan mejanya ke BPlay di Buenos Aires. Kemitraan ini adalah salah satu dari banyak kesepakatan komersial yang diumumkan oleh pemasok setelah otorisasi baru-baru ini dari dewan pengatur untuk Kota […]

The Harder They Fall – Review

Games Online dan Offline At the beginning of its birth, the western genre was often used to describe the superiority of white people. They are invincible heroes, while POC (Person of Color), especially Indian tribes, is synonymous with savagery, backwardness, evil. Over time, the trend shifted, then the revisionist western was born. The Harder They […]

Irresistible – Review

Games Online dan Offline Irresistible tells the story of a couple whose marriage is blocked by a tragic tragedy. Best Movie Site This romantic drama wrapped in a family feud has a unique plot, because the main characters, Kimhan (Lee Thanat Lowkhunsombat), and Mookarin (Aom Sushar Manaying) must face a big problem in their family. […]

The Dissident – Review

Games Online dan Offline When the Public Investment Fund, chaired by Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, bought a majority stake in Newcastle United, many human rights activists protested. If you want to know one of the biggest reasons, watch this documentary by Bryan Fogel (his previous work, Icarus, won an Oscar […]

Schoolgirls – Review

Games Online dan Offline At a convention, several teenage girls lined up in the middle of the choir class. The nun instructed some of them to practice lip syncing. One of them is our protagonist, Celia (Andrea Fandos). Some time later, the choir team appeared on stage, singing well as ordered. Except Celia. He did […]

Escape from Mogadishu – Review

Games Online dan Offline After more than two months, cinemas have finally reopened. There were four premiere titles, plus F9, whose playback had been interrupted. Which one should you watch first? The majority will mention The Suicide Squad, but for me, the answer is Escape from Mogadishu. Ryoo Seung-wan’s latest work (The Berlin File, Veteran, […]

Lukcy – Review

Games Online dan Offline In horror films, there is almost always a skeptic character who counters the protagonist’s fears because he thinks it is mere imagination. Sooner or later, the character will believe it, having witnessed the terror firsthand. What if that person actually exists in the real world? The difference is, no matter how […]

In the Same Breath – Review

Games Online dan Offline As the name implies, documentaries aim to “document”. One of the most frequently documented is history. Past events are discussed, as educational and retrospective material, so that today’s generation can learn and then improve themselves. In the Same Breath, they are also historical events. The difference is, when the film is […]

Ajeeb Daastaans – Review

Games Online dan Offline Translated, “Ajeeb Daastaans” means “funny stories”. Not humor in the form of silliness, but a sad impression when fate comes with irony, surprise, or strangeness, until someone laughs at his fate. Best Movie Site The first story (Majnu) opens when Babloo (Jaideep Ahlawat), right on his wedding day, reveals that he […]

The Dark and the Wicked – Review

Games Online dan Offline Have you ever come to a new place and was immediately greeted by the sounds of animals as soon as you set foot there? I ever. Eve immediately felt heavy (an hour later the shooting stopped because one of the crew was in a trance, but this is a story for […]