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Blackpink: Light Up the Sky (2020)

Games Online dan Offline Blackpink: Light Up the Sky by Caroline Suh is a documentary that is not only aimed at die-hard Blackpink fans, but also everyone. Believe me, even if you don’t like K-Pop and the Blackpink song that you only know is “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”, you won’t be confused about the flow. Because, as […]

Bad Genius – Review

Games Online dan Offline Bad Genius is a thriller film from Thailand which was released in 2017. Receiving a positive response and winning various awards both nationally and internationally, the Bad Genius film was then made a mini version of the series with the title Bad Genius the Series.Best Movie Site Bad Genius film tells […]

Okja – Review

Games Online dan Offline “Her rough skin implies that her life is tough but natural. His behavior was not as rude as his appearance. That’s it Okja… our inner relationship will not be easily separated. Even if you exchange gold or jewels, I will keep it, Okja. “ The poetry snippet above is a brief […]

The Drug King – Synopsis

Games Online dan Offline The use of drugs without a proper prescription from the medical team, can make a person withdraw Moreover, if its use is done illegally, the authorities will definitely pick it up. This also applies to dealers who distribute these illicit goods to their clients and customers. The film The Drug King […]

Bill & Ted Face the Music – Review

Games Online dan Offline Although the adventure / comedy / science fiction genre contains time-traveling plots, the three ‘Bill & Ted’ films are not the kind of ‘Back to the Future’ that are serious about writing their sci-fi aspects of time machines and physical theories. Released in the late 80s, the duo of creators Chris […]

Alive – Review

Games Online dan Offline Alive tells the story of a boy named Oh Joon-woo (Yoo Ah-in) who spends his days as a gamer in his apartment. While playing a game, Joon-woo’s friends make a fuss about something that is on TV. The curious Joon-woo got up from his seat and turned on the television. It […]

Creepy – Review

Games Online dan Offline Raise its name through horror genre films which are now recognized among Asian film enthusiasts and observers as classics such as Cure, Pulse, and Bright Future, the filmmaker Kiyoshi Kurosawa through this film is able to prove that he is also good at refining films with the psychological thriller drama genre. […]

Shaun of The Dead – Review

Games Online dan Offline In any culture in this world, no one tells that one of the signs of doomsday is the outbreak of a zombie virus which causes humans to become undead and prey on other humans. However, in most of the zombie films I have watched, the appearance of zombies ends in the […]

Kick Ass – Review

Games Online dan Offline “Kick-Ass”, a 2010 superhero-themed film directed by Matthew Vaughn, adapted from the sadistic comic series of the same name, “Kick-Ass”. This film arguably brings new winds in a similar themed film. Unlike other superhero films that tend to be serious, the story presented by “Kick-Ass” is more fun, fresh, super sadistic […]

The Sleepover – Review

Games Online dan Offline Apart from referring to the activities that the characters do when the main conflict occurs, the title “The Sleepover” also fits the movie description. A spectacle that is suitable to be enjoyed while staying at a friend’s house, enjoying snacks, throwing jokes at each other, and only needing to look at […]