Irresistible – Review

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Irresistible tells the story of a couple whose marriage is blocked by a tragic tragedy. Best Movie Site

This romantic drama wrapped in a family feud has a unique plot, because the main characters, Kimhan (Lee Thanat Lowkhunsombat), and Mookarin (Aom Sushar Manaying) must face a big problem in their family. When they were newly engaged, their love was hampered by tragedy, where Mon, Kimhan’s sister, was found murdered, and it was suspected, Tada, Mook’s brother who was also Mon’s husband, was the mastermind. This causes a fight between Kimhan and Mook who defend each other’s brother. Movie Review

Since Tada was not punished by the authorities, Kimhan tried to take revenge on Tada, who he suspected had killed his younger sister. Kimhan took many actions to torture and mistreat Tada, until he broke off his engagement with Mook, who insisted on defending Tada and instead chose to marry his ex-girlfriend. In the midst of Kimhan’s efforts to take revenge, many people around him were hurt because of his actions.

However, the feelings that are still bubbling between Mook and Kimhan are still unbearable, despite the complicated problems that hit above. They still can’t forget the love they have. Will Mook and Kimhan be reunited and get rid of all the grudges between the two of them? How will Kimhan and Mook’s love story end?

Come on, immediately find out the answers to all the mysteries of Kimhan and Mook’s love story by watching Irresistible which you can watch in a marathon on Viu with Indonesian subtitles. In order to provide the best viewing experience, make sure to activate your Viu Premium so you can watch ad-free and can be accessed as much as you like anytime, anywhere. Top Movie

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