Month: October 2021

Yuni – Review

Games Online dan Offline The protagonist of this film is obsessed with the color purple. Her underwear is purple, her stationery is purple, her motorbike is purple, and of course, her favorite drink is iced wine. Very obsessed, he often steals purple things belonging to his friends. “Purple disease”, so called the teacher. Purple is […]

AUM! – Review

Games Online dan Offline Satriya (Jefri Nichol), an activist in the reform movement, is on the run from the military. His older brother, Adam (Aksara Dena), who is a member of the military, decides to help Satriya and becomes a deserter. The low image resolution captured by the camcorder, plus the choice of shots during […]

Schoolgirls – Review

Games Online dan Offline At a convention, several teenage girls lined up in the middle of the choir class. The nun instructed some of them to practice lip syncing. One of them is our protagonist, Celia (Andrea Fandos). Some time later, the choir team appeared on stage, singing well as ordered. Except Celia. He did […]

Hard Hit – Review

Games Online dan Offline Released on June 23, Hard Hit became the first South Korean film this year, which received 500 thousand viewers (a total of 952,000 people watched at the end of its broadcast), marking the revival of the cinema industry there. Next, Escape from Mogadishu (best-selling so far with more than 3.4 million […]