Month: September 2021

Bulado – Review

Games Online dan Offline The word “buladó” has “flying fish”. To be precise, medium-sized flying fish tend to be large with dark colored wings. The word appears in a line of prayer belonging to the indigenous people of Curaçao, the island nation under the Dutch constitution. It reads in English, “Flying fish can’t drown”. The […]

La boda de Rosa – Review

Games Online dan Offline “Enjoy your new life”. That’s what the bride and groom often say when they get married. Actually it is not wrong, because getting married is a new chapter. It is not appropriate, when the assumption arises, that turning over a new leaf must go through marriage. That in order to press […]

Escape from Mogadishu – Review

Games Online dan Offline After more than two months, cinemas have finally reopened. There were four premiere titles, plus F9, whose playback had been interrupted. Which one should you watch first? The majority will mention The Suicide Squad, but for me, the answer is Escape from Mogadishu. Ryoo Seung-wan’s latest work (The Berlin File, Veteran, […]

Undine – Review

Games Online dan Offline Undine is set in Berlin. A city where its historical value is closely related to collapse but also unity. At the Märkisches Museum, that history is immortalized through architectural mockups and blueprints. But for the protagonist, who works freelance there as a guide, there is something else perpetuated in every corner […]

Lukcy – Review

Games Online dan Offline In horror films, there is almost always a skeptic character who counters the protagonist’s fears because he thinks it is mere imagination. Sooner or later, the character will believe it, having witnessed the terror firsthand. What if that person actually exists in the real world? The difference is, no matter how […]

The Courier – Review

Games Online dan Offline Christian Bale lost 27 kilograms for his role in The Machinist (2004), while 50 Cent lost 23 kilograms in All Things Fall Apart (2011). The numbers are not much different, but when the first case produces a legendary story about the totality of actors, the second case tends to be forgotten. […]

In the Same Breath – Review

Games Online dan Offline As the name implies, documentaries aim to “document”. One of the most frequently documented is history. Past events are discussed, as educational and retrospective material, so that today’s generation can learn and then improve themselves. In the Same Breath, they are also historical events. The difference is, when the film is […]