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Midnight Sun was initiated based on the spirit that film is capable of eliminating absurdities. Humans are brought across the entire universe including alien worlds in outer space, time travel, have super powers, revive dinosaurs, and so on. So why not use it to remove the barrier of time and space? Best Movie Site

Compared to movies, stage shows have more limitations. Of course it is difficult for the cast and crew to hold performances in various parts of the world every day, at various hours. Here, film acts as a medium to erase those boundaries. Midnight Sun is a musical that is shown in theaters, live from the Kwanglim Arts Center. In the pandemic era when barriers are increasing, this technique feels even more meaningful.

According to the official release, Midnight Sun was adapted from the Hong Kong romance film released in 1993. It is said that the film inspired A Song to the Sun (2006) from Japan, before the Hollywood version called Midnight Sun (2018) was made. I didn’t find the Hong Kong film in question, but so be it. After all, the musical’s biggest appeal (apart from the broadcast model) is not the source of its adaptation, but the involvement of a row of idols such as Onew (SHINee), Wonpil (Day6), Young-jae (GOT7), Baekho (NU’EST), to Kei (Lovelyz). . I got a version featuring Wonpil and Lee A-jin (musical actress).

The story is not far from a disease-themed tearjerker, about Haena (Lee A-jin), who, due to an illness, cannot be exposed to sunlight. Be he always alone at night. His happiness comes from two things: singing while playing the guitar at the station, and seeing his idol from afar. The sweetheart is named Haram (Wonpil), who spends almost every day surfing with his friends. Finally they accidentally met, fell in love with each other, and without having to watch the previous versions, you can definitely guess where this melodrama will move. Top Movie

Let’s put the story aside for a moment. The success or failure of the Midnight Sun in creating an “immersive experience” is much more important. I don’t know the sound quality of the Kwanglim Arts Center (definitely superior to the theater here), but the cinema’s sound system is definitely adequate, at least so that Han Boram’s music doesn’t lose its power. The audience will chuckle watching the comedic numbers when Haena and Haram’s friends spy on the young people who are in love, then they are shocked to hear Haena’s father express his love for the princess through a power ballad.

It’s a shame the visual department isn’t the case. The magical side of stage performances, whether in the form of lighting plays or changing digital backgrounds, often fails to capture. Either because of the lack of precision in editing timing, or due to camera angles that do not support the superiority of the elements on stage. For example, when Haena was “chased” by the light of the newly rising sun. Kim Ji-ho as the director tries to build intensity through the exploration of lights and colors, which will only be maximized when recorded using a wide shot.

But one advantage of watching it on a big screen regarding the visuals is that small details, especially the players’ expressions, appear more clearly, which in turn increases the emotional impact. Wonpil’s singing ability is undoubtedly, but among the cast, Lee A-jin is the one who messes with feelings the most. Close-up shooting allows viewers to see his clumsiness, happy smile, and tears in his eyes when touched by the various ways Haram convey love.

There are still two screenings on May 29 (11:40 WIB featuring Baekho and Lee A-jin, then 4:10 WIB featuring Young-jae and Kei). Is a ticket for 250 thousand rupiah worth buying? Certain. Both for fans of the names above and for casual audiences, Midnight Sun is an event that should be watched. Movie Review

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