Promising Young Woman – Review

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Promising Young Woman is an Oscar-winning film. Directed by a filmmaker acclaimed for her role as Camilla Shand in The Crown Emerald Fennell series, this rising young woman raises questions about the culture of mute and lighting of hot gas.

Before getting into the story of the promising young woman, it is important to highlight what silent cultivation and gas lighting are. A culture of silence, in its simplest form, is an attempt to silence someone in order to hide the sin or crime that was committed. Gas lighting is one way to reduce it.
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Gas assistance is a form of victim’s guilt by silencing the facts by destroying the victim’s credibility. Usually this is done by psychologically manipulating the victim and “convincing” herself that she is to blame. This can be done in a variety of ways, from denial of information to distracting attention, to forming bad stereotypes about the victim so that her confession does not have the power to be perceived as truth.

Promising young ladies playing in the area. The investigation is led by a woman named Cassandra “Cassie” Thomas (Carey Mulligan), a friend of the victim of sexual abuse named Nina Fisher.

During school, Nina Fisher became the victim of a rape by Cassie’s classmate, Al Munroe. However, there was no follow-up effort on the case. Cassie, being the victim, is instead silenced and blamed for what happened.

All Nina’s attempts to hold her mentally responsible because no one wants to believe it. As a result, Al lenggang kangkung is free to escape without any guilt or responsibility. Meanwhile, Nina ends up as an alcoholic, which further exacerbates her mistaken beliefs.
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Cassie did not accept the treatment her friend received. He also did not want any woman to experience a similar case with Nina. From there he transformed into an “anti-heroine” with the mission of punishing a man who likes to “wrap up” drunk women and then take them home and make them a fun tool. Those who try to cover up this lecherous act will also be targeted.

In an era of the film industry filled with superhero features, Promising Young Woman is a breath of fresh air. Even though they both have heroic feature packs, the story of Promising Young Woman is more down to earth, flicking through sensitive issues that often escape the public’s attention. Revenge is the medium in this film to attack the culture of silencing, victim blaming, and gaslighting which often leads to self-harm, and even suicide.

Through the character Cassie Thomas, Promising Young Woman wants to emphasize that women can fight, women deserve space to defend themselves, and women cannot continue to be blamed for their bodies. How the character Cassie manages to trap her prey by pretending to be weak in front of men is a form of resistance, anger towards the pronouncement of harassment cases due to the assumption of “boys will be boys” and it is women who are to blame for her seductive appearance.
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The anger was even more pronounced through Carey Mulligan’s stunning acting. He neatly managed to bring all of Cassie’s anger, resentment, and sadness onto the screen, making the audience feel the emotions of Cassie Thomas. On the other hand, Carey Mulligan is like a chameleon in this film. He is able to switch personas smoothly, becoming different from each other and then tricking the itchy men into his trap like a semar bag.

All in all, Promising Young Woman is Emerald Fennell’s smart way to raise sensitive issues in a stylish and entertaining way. Her thriller and anti-heroin stories represent women’s anger against attempts to marginalize them. The story itself is not always taken too seriously. In some parts, Promising Young Woman is a dark comedy that sadly laughs at the issues raised.

On the other hand, this is a movie that is timely. In countries that uphold a patriarchal culture, silencing and highlighting women is still a complicated issue. The defense of a woman is often taken lightly than the lies of a man. In the film industry, this also happened which launched the Me Too wave. Promising Young Woman took advantage of that wave.

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