Flora & Ulysses – Review

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Disney has just released a new superhero named Flora & Ulysses. For information, this film was adapted from a children’s novel with the same title. Uniquely, Flora & Ulysses presents a superhero in the form of a squirrel.

Flora & Ulysses tells the story of a girl who likes superhero comics named Flora Buckman. Flora grows up to be a cynical child, especially after her parents don’t get along and live separately. One day, Flora rescued a squirrel trapped in a vacuum cleaner. Unexpectedly, this incident made the squirrel have super powers! Best Movie Site

Even though Ulysses is said to have super powers in this film, the Flora & Ulysses storyline actually focuses more on Flora and her parents. The existence of Ulysses seems to be made as a bridge between the relationship between Flora and her parents. That’s why, don’t expect that you will see the action of a squirrel that saves the world in this film.

Instead of fighting to save the world, Ulysses’ presence in this film is more appropriate to help save Flora’s world. Flora’s adventure in shaping Ulysses into a superhero turns out to help improve her family relationship. Even though this film focuses on Flora’s family, it doesn’t mean that director Lena Khan has minimized the superhero element in this film.

From the beginning of the film, you will find many Easter eggs related to popular superheroes. Movie Review

Apart from the easter egg, you can also find various elements of the superhero film in this film. A superhero is certainly not complete without villains, right? Well, of course you will find a villain in this film. Since Flora & Ulysses focuses more on family stories, the villain featured in this film is not a terrible figure who has super powers, but just a wild animal control officer who wants to catch Ulysses.

Then, director Khan also doesn’t forget one of the important things in superhero films, namely the superhero landing scene, which Ulysses does when he shows his strength to many people.

As a child-friendly film, Flora & Ulysses presents a light comedy which of course can be understood by all ages. Then, each character in this film has its own comedy portion, so no character looks cuter than the other characters. In fact, the minor characters in this film can make you laugh.

Flora & Ulysses tells the story of Flora who really likes to read superhero comics. That is why director Lena Khan seems to want to highlight Flora’s love for comics through the visual of this film.

Flora & Ulysses is not a remake film and the setting of the film is in the present. But for those of you who went through childhood or adolescence in the 2000s, this film presents a formula that feels so thick with the Disney film formula of that era. Top Movie

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