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Ann (Hanggini) meets Geez (Junior Roberts) at an alumni event at school. Ann became the committee, while Geez sang alumni, performed with his band. Since then, he has tried to find Ann, one of which is by playing some of his songs, with the excuse of “asking for opinions”.

Let me talk about something. Ann advises Geez, which basically goes something like, “Rock is not just loud. Rock is not just loud.” Whereas Geez’s songs are more accurately called power pop, or pop rock with minimal distortion, so the above criticism feels out of place. Actually this affects the overall quality of the film, it’s just that it feels annoying. Let’s get back to the plot. Top Movie

With Geez, Ann found happiness that she had never felt before. Unfortunately, their relationship got a stumbling block, in the form of opposition from Geez’s mother (Dewi Rezer), who wanted her only son to continue studying in Berlin. Even according to him, Ann and his family are losers who don’t deserve Geez. This harsh attitude (if you don’t want to be called evil) was triggered by hatred towards the ex-husband who left the family. A background that makes the character of Geez’s mother, who at the same time can both hate and the audience. But his perfunctory exploration eliminates that potential, while at the same time making the emotional climax between Geez and his mother not as strong as his hopes.

In a romantic setting, Geez & Ann is a story about a long distance relationship aka LDR. The manuscripts made by Adi Nugroho (Kuldesak, Jelangkung, Ruang) and Cassandra Massardi (Get Married 2, Tampan Tailor) do not rush into the LDR phase, as if they understand very well, that all the dynamics of the feelings of two couples who are separated by distance will convey the audience. feel more about their togetherness. Best Movie Site

The plot moves patiently, allowing the audience to be swept away in the love of Geez and Ann, which Rizki Balki (Ananta, Laundry Show) as the director, packs in a dramatization that does not just touch blue. Romantic, but realistic. The accompaniment of sweet songs is quite helpful.

Of course all will be useless, if the two main characters fail to establish chemistry. I am grateful that Geeze is not another “hard-nosed bad boy” or “impromptu poet” typical of Indonesian teenage romance lately. Junior Roberts will make a lot of girls hysterical, but the real star is Hanggini, who in this debut, looks so natural. The emotions it evokes are organic. When Ann feels love, I will too. Hanggini is also able to maintain the comfort of a scene, keeping it from being too ridiculous, when the script throws cheesy sentences several times.

The charm of the film actually wears off when finally Geez and Ann have a long-distance relationship. We spend most of our time with Ann with all her triumphs, while Geez is almost completely gone. It feels like this is intentional, where Geez’s perspective is indeed stored, to be explored later in the sequel. The risky choice that resulted in the failure of the story formed a thorough search of the LDR, leaving only clichédies. Geez & Ann wanted to show the collapse of the relationship when separated, unfortunately when that happened, the film collapsed too. Luckily, the conclusions have succeeded in returning the lost feeling, as well as arousing the desire to wait for the continuation of the story. Movie Review

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