A Fish Called Wanda – Review

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“In 1989, a Danish man named Ole Bentzen laughed so hard he couldn’t stop. As a result, his heart rate increased sharply and caused a heart attack. His life can not be helped. ” This paper is the essence of a source that is widely spread on the internet. This is real. What made him laugh out loud? Watch a film called “A Fish Called Wanda.” Is it really that funny? Best Movie Site

I have been reading this information for a long time. There was a feeling of misgivings when I would do the same. Honestly, I was afraid to laugh until I couldn’t stop like the Danish man did. Several films have succeeded in making me laugh with joy. Some of it made me cry even a tired jaw.

A Fish Called Wanda ”tells about a group of robbers in the City of London. Led by George Thomason (Tom Georgeson), he plans to rob a diamond in the bank worth 20 million pounds. In his leadership, he has an assistant and lover named Wanda (Jamie Lee Curtis); an American. And also Ken (Michael Palin); the stutterer who loved animals.

A Fish Called Wanda
A Fish Called Wanda

To smooth the plan, Wanda invites his brother, Otto (Kevin Kline). Otto has a strong characterization. He has sentiments with all things British (Anglophobia). Speaks like the devoted philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Otto was also a jealous person and hated being called “stupid.”

In this film, Otto is arguably the character with the richest characterization. Its function is vital as one of the trios that will enliven the plot of the film. After the robbery is successful, we will find out if Wanda and Otto conspired in this group. They conspire to gain control of the diamonds and trap George in prison. Apes! Before they got it, George first secured it.

I just have to mention one more character that will be a sweetener here. Archie (John Cleese) his name; a lawyer. This time Archie was appointed George’s defender and confidant. No matter what, George has to get out of prison. The problem is there is an old grandmother who is a witness to his robbery. The grandmother must be eliminated. Ken who stuttered and innocent was sent on this mission. Movie Review

The secret where diamonds are only with George and Ken. But Wanda guessed that Archie knew about it too. He approaches and seduces Archie. A good father and husband like Archie, easily fell into the hands of the beautiful Wanda. The film gets more interesting when the interactions between the characters are busy with their respective tasks.

“A Fish Called Wanda” directed by Charles Crichton and script by Cleese himself. The strength of this film is in its strong character. All are presented in a balanced manner creating roles with solid chemistry. No characters are wasted here. John Cleese’s manuscript manages to bridge the dynamics that occur between characters. The conflict is simple in my opinion. The chain effect that connects each character is the life of this film.

The comedy that is offered is not a joke, but a physical comedy. I think it’s a typical British comedy. Physical comedy is indeed closer to a brainless treat. I say that, because to provoke laughter, there’s no need to prepare a brilliant joke. Enough with the actor playing dumb and goofy, the volunteer audience will laugh at him. Unlike “A Fish Called Wanda,” he looks smart because of the lively characterization.

Indonesia and most Asian and European countries have a similar sense of humor. We both love slapstick that is easy to digest. The advantage of this type of comedy is in its universal language. Meanwhile, jokes are sometimes cultural, more to a certain segment.

“A Fish Called Wanda” managed to make me laugh. Relax, I can still control it. I am sure all of you will easily enjoy the jokes. So the answer from me at the end of the first paragraph above is “yes!” Top Movie

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