Another Round – Review

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As we’re getting older, we increasingly want another shot, Another Round of the good old days. Those easy times full of glory are naturally missed, as we get older when freedom is suppressed in the name of responsibility. The less often we do things outside our routine, the fewer people we meet outside of our family and work circles. Without realizing it, many of us become boring figures caught in the middle of a midlife crisis. Best Movie Site

Another Round, as Denmark’s representative at the 2021 Academy Awards (as well as one of the top seeds in the Best International Feature Film category), brought director Thomas Vinterberg to reunite with Mads Mikkelsen after The Hunt (2012), in bittersweet comedy dramas about the phases of life above. . Mikkelsen plays Martin, a history teacher whose class is capable of making students drowsy. He taught without passion. While his household with his wife, Anika (Maria Bonnevie), is no less cool. The two of them barely communicated.

Until one night, Martin and three of his fellow teachers, Nikolaj (Magnus Millang), Tommy (Thomas Bo Larsen), and Peter (Lars Ranthe) got together, then discussed Finn Skårderud’s theory, that the human body has a lower alcohol content of 0, 05% of what it should be. When these levels are met, the psychiatrist believes, a person will be more creative and relaxed in carrying out their daily lives. The four of them decided to conduct a study to test the theory. Movie Review

At first everything went well. The performance of the four has improved. Martin teaches more creatively. Never mind the students, I was also comforted by the teacher’s new method. But predictably, things slowly got out of hand. The justification under the guise of study began to occur. From 0.05%, the tested alcohol content increased to 0.10%, and so on. Do the manuscripts by Vinterberg and his regular writer, Tobias Lindholm, convey an anti-alcohol message? Of course not. Anything (including alcohol) can be harmful when it’s in excess, but with the right amount and timing it can help.

The fragility shown (through a strong performance that could potentially land the actor an Oscar nomination if the film was a Hollywood production) Mikkelsen ensures that the audience’s sympathy for Martin does not go away, no matter what the circumstances. As bad as the situation was, Another Round refused to step into the realm of depression. Vinterberg and Lindholm regularly used humor (mostly satire). Another Round is an intriguing, worrying 115 minute journey, because I care about the protagonist, especially once he starts to remake his life. I’m afraid things will fall apart again, which is bound to happen.

If you pay attention, this film actually contains a familiar story about a father / husband who was never “present”, plus an exposure to alcoholism. The distinguishing factor lies in the “studies” that the characters do. So, about the last 30 minutes when the study was (forced) to end, the story was trapped in a formulaic impression. Until it comes to a conclusion, when one simple moment manages to provoke extraordinary happiness, the film finds its footing again. Moreover, Another Round was closed by a dance full of euphoria from Mads Mikkelsen, as if it showed that he had not forgotten the knowledge while studying at the ballet academy first. What else do you need? Top Movie

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