Month: January 2021

Affliction – Review

Games Online dan Offline Not all filmmakers, even those with a wealth of experience and many awards, are able to produce quality horror. There must be great love (or even obsession), leading to a deep understanding of the genre. After the trilogy of intimacy, which has been the pinnacle of his achievement so far, also […]

Another Round – Review

Games Online dan Offline As we’re getting older, we increasingly want another shot, Another Round of the good old days. Those easy times full of glory are naturally missed, as we get older when freedom is suppressed in the name of responsibility. The less often we do things outside our routine, the fewer people we […]

A Sun – Review

Games Online dan Offline Hearing the melodious music made by Lin Sheng-xiang, no one thought that its opening would lead to a brutal, bloody event. Even the characters would not think that this was the turning point in their lives, both as individuals and as a family. The Taiwanese representative for the 2021 Academy Awards […]


Games Online dan Offline “This wild land must be civilized”, exclaimed Oliver Cromwell (Simon McBurney) the Lord Protector, who led the “holy mission” of the British Empire to “advance” the lives of Irish people. The sentence above often came from the mouths of the colonizers and the SJW in the capital who felt that all […]