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In Intruder, the protagonist doubts the identity of a woman who claims to be her long-lost sister. The funny thing is, Son Won-pyeong’s directorial debut and script writing also seemed to be experiencing an identity crisis. Want to be a “weighted” mystery thriller about the human psyche? Or a class B genre film that completely abandons logic? On several occasions, the film tries to be packaged elegantly, but on other occasions, I feel the script was written by Uya Kuya, who is ambitious to make his version of Parasite. Best Movie Site

Six months have passed since Kang Seo-jin (Kim Mu-yeol) lost his wife to a hit and run. Feelings of guilt, plus the police’s unsuccessful arrest of the perpetrator, make Seo-jin’s life fall apart. Her work is chaotic, and her daughter, Ye-na (Park Min-ha), is often neglected. At a project presentation, Seo-jin experiences a panic attack when asked to answer, what is the definition of a home for her. After his wife died, the word “home” sounded terrible to Seo-jin, who no longer felt like she had a place to go home. Even though he is an architect.

Seo-jin routinely undergoes hypnosis therapy at her friend’s practice, Dr. Han (Seo Hyun-woo). Through hypnosis, Seo-jin visits memories of when the wife died before her eyes, to reveal the identity of the perpetrator. But in each session, Seo-jin always ends up being thrown into memory 25 years ago, where her younger brother, Yoo-jin, disappeared. Until one day, Yoo-jin (Song Ji-hyo) suddenly came home.

The DNA test results showed a match of 99.99%. Even Seo-jin’s parents, especially her mother, are very happy to welcome their daughter home. But he was still suspicious. Is this woman a con man? Or is he really Yoo-jin, and the suspicion is just a result of Seo-jin’s mental instability? Our protagonist also investigates in various ways, from asking the police for help, to using hypnosis to visiting his past memories in search of the truth. Top Movie

But can hypnosis do that? Not. Not that accurate and detailed, so the memory can be accessed as flexibly as a video recording that could be upgraded. You won’t be able to remember someone’s face if you don’t record the face clearly at the event. The intruder goes even further with an element of mind manipulation, when he reveals that his antagonist uses a similar method, only, closer to mystical (like gendam?) Than medical. The scriptwriter didn’t really care to explain further to the audience, and asked us to take it for granted, if that method could be applied.

In fact, the above is valid, provided that at the same time, the Intruder is not trying to be a “pretentious and thoughtful” presentation that speaks of the family and human psychic dynamics, including an understanding of how a person, in essence, is likely to be vulnerable to being drawn into. radicalism under the guise of religion. . Even though this film has the potential to become an intense thriller that raises a series of questions throughout its duration.

In the cast, Kim Mu-yeol is solid enough as a chaotic man, as an unreliable narrator that we have to doubt his words. Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo (lost 7 kg) performed well in acting as an acting woman. Her eyes reveal a disarray, harboring secrets that apart from Seo-jin, can only be read by the audience, who suspected her from the start. The figure is creepy, although the mode of operation is questionable. Why did you have to wait 6 months? Why bother reporting complex and risky scenarios when there are enough resources to go the much easier way? Movie Review

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