Hillbilly Elegy – Review

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The synopsis of the film Hillbilly Elegy centers on the story of the author’s family and businessman, J.D. Vance (Gabriel Basso). Faced with two tough choices, J.D. Born into a middle-class white family, he has to choose between his dream job or fixing a family crisis that forced him to return to the home he was trying to forget. Best Movie Site

The journey of the former Ohio marine who is also a law student from Yale University is filled with drama full of family conflicts. In this film, we can see three generations with unique personalities struggling against their respective struggles.

Throughout this 1 hour 57 minute film, we are presented with the complex relationship of the Vance family which is filled with conflict. Various scenes show the joy and sorrow of every moment that J.D. Little Vance (Owen Asztalos) goes through a turbulent emotional journey, to the dilemma he experienced as an adult.

In the midst of finding a job, J.D. got a golden opportunity to take one step closer to reaching his dream job. At the same time, J.D.’s sister, Lindsay (Haley Bennett) reports that her mother, Bev (Amy Adams) fell back as an addict after struggling with her addiction for a long time.

Driven by memories of the grandmother who raised him, Mamaw (Glenn Close), J.D. returned to his hometown and returned to embrace the trail of a conflicted family that cannot be separated from his personal journey. Movie Review

With a back and forth plot, the audience is brought into the dynamics of the Vance family conflict which is full of complexity and instability. It felt like I had just seen a heartwarming moment of family harmony, suddenly suddenly turned into a cloudy atmosphere that often involved verbal and physical violence.

It is different from the original memoir novel, director Ron Howard packed this film without incorporating the slightest political element. The focus is on the dynamics of the journey full of drama and conflict that are part of J.D. Vance.

The story is made more “subtle” and feels personal. However, many viewers are fans of the novel by J.D. Vance was disappointed to see the Howard film.

Written by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Vanessa Taylor, the film Hillbilly Elegy looks promising at first. Taylor uses a dual-timeline which is alternately shown. This forward-backward plot that Taylor uses is intended to clarify the complexity of the J.D. relationship. with the mother influencing her present actions and emotions towards her family.

There is no need to doubt the acting of the two Oscar-winning stars. Appearing “all-out” in Hillbilly Elegy, both of them managed to steal the attention with their appearance. Top Movie

In fact, with all the emotional turmoil and conflict that exists, this family story is very interesting to witness. Unfortunately, the personality of each character throughout the film doesn’t really feel like it’s development. With a repetitive flashback plot that “doesn’t go anywhere”, the film Hillbilly Elegy has made a lasting impression on viewers’ memories.

Even though it didn’t get a good score, which is only 27% on Rotten Tomatoes, this film has a pretty high viewership score of 83%. This means, although it was not satisfactory enough for critics, the audience was enthusiastic about this drama story by Ron Howard.

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