Once Upon a Time in Indonesia – Review

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The film Once Upon a Time in Indonesia is the latest film at Disney + Hotstar. Now you can enjoy Asun Mawardi’s films via this streaming site. Check out the trailer below first. Top Movie

The story begins when Max (Franki Darmawan), a bank employee who is too attentive to customers who want to borrow money. He ended up getting fired from the bank for being too good at lending.

In the midst of confusion after being fired from the bank, Max is escorted by Leo (Djaitov Tigor), his brother-in-law, to a loan shark named Ruel (J Ryan Karsten). The dealer asks for data on customers whose loans were refused by the bank where Max worked first. However, Max refused for privacy reasons.

That’s where the conflict starts. Ruel who doesn’t accept being rejected by Max begins to harm him. Max is beaten until he is hospitalized by Ruel’s men. The high hospital fees made Max have no money and finally provided borrower data. Best Movie Site

Unfortunately, this had a bad impact on customers who borrowed money from Ruel. Max doesn’t accept it and starts beating drums with Ruel. They fight, fight, blood, and kill which then becomes the dish of the film Once Upon a Time In Indonesia.

This crime-action film has a storyline similar to soap operas. Initially, this film seemed to have trouble finding conflict. Only when the conflict opens up when Max meets Ruel and there is a bitter dispute.

Unfortunately, for an action film, Once Upon a Time in Indonesia starts the conflict too simply. It’s even a little difficult to find the strength of this film. Because, almost every few minutes, the audience was presented with a scene of fighting continuously. Action films are synonymous with scuffles, but a strong story must still be the main breath.

There are some things that are deemed irrelevant. Like Max’s appearance as a bank employee. Max has long hair and is allowed to work. In fact, it is rather difficult to find a bank employee with long hair.

Then, on the dialogue when Max was robbed and his wallet was taken. The robber suddenly said, “Is this your money? he said a bank employee? ” In fact, Robber and Max had never met before. Then, how did the robber know Max’s profession? Movie Review

The film Once Upon a Time in Indonesia was directed by Asun Mawardi and starring a number of new actors such as Franki Darmawan, J Ryan Karsten, and Rendy Septino. There are also familiar names such as Djaitov Tigor, Ryana Dea, and Joshua Pandelaki.

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