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Ave Maryam is based on the true story of a nun who lives a forbidden love with a priest. Best Movie Site

Set in Semarang in 1998, this film focuses on a nun named Maryam, played by Maudy Koesnaedi. Maryam is said to serve by taking care of several elderly nuns who live in a hostel. Starting from preparing food, bathing the nuns, to cleaning the church.

One day, Maryam also met a priest who was called Father Yosef. The priest character played by Chicco Jerikho is described as a man with a handsome appearance and an orchestra expert. Father Yosef is also said to have helped prepare for the Christmas celebration at the church where Maryam served.

Over time, the seeds of love grew between Maryam and Father Yosef. However, of course this is a problem. The thing is, the profession that is carried out by them makes them not allowed to have an affair because they have to become servants of God. After that, there is a conflict that involves feelings of love and fear of sinning.

Unfortunately, the problem of the forbidden love affair between Maryam and Father Yosef was not deeply explored so that their love bond was not intense. A factor that may have contributed to this could be the minimal duration or a deleted scene in the version released on Netflix. This makes the conflict between love and religion in this film less culminating, aka the climax. Movie Review

Ertanto Robby is known as a director who works on a film with minimal dialogue between his characters. This was also done by Ertanto Robby in the film Ave Maryam. Interestingly, this film can still have many meanings and still be able to convey what the characters want to convey.

One of the best examples occurred when Maryam and Father Yosef went to a restaurant. During meals, they also have a “conversation” with each other. However, this conversation is represented by a dialogue between two characters from a movie that is playing at the restaurant. Even though Maryam and Romo Yosef don’t talk to each other in the scene, their hearts have been poured out through the dialogue of the characters in the film being played.

The acting ability of the players is certainly a factor in the success of a film. This has also been successfully carried out by the cast of the film Ave Maryam, from the main actors to the side players.

In addition, the composition of images from the camera angle of each scene presented by Ertanto Robby in this film is also very symmetrical. Even though the audience may not pay much attention to the composition when watching the film, this is quite important. This is because the symmetrical composition of the image makes people know where to focus when watching the film because of the “line” that directs the viewer’s view.

Broadly speaking, Ave Maryam is suitable to watch for those of you who like films with beautiful visuals that have deep meaning. Top Movie

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