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The haunted house can be anywhere as long as the haunted figure is around. This is where Remi Weekes plays with the psychological horror film which is also his debut film His House.

Not wanting to give the story of a classic haunted house with a large, dim house, Remi Weekes presents the most ordinary house in the suburbs of London with its “evil” figure. This evil figure starts out, but Remi also plays with human psychology. Best Movie Site

A husband and wife who have experienced long difficulties in their home country are trying to seek asylum in England. Three months without certainty, they finally get the opportunity to “live” under surveillance in England, even though they are still refugees. They must adapt and will be assessed how suitable they are to live there. If not, they will be sent back to South Sudan.

His House
His House

Starting a new life in England and in a big city like London is certainly their dream. They can find new jobs, live socializing, and so on; at least that’s what they hoped for.

However, the trauma of the past brought them in fear. Bol (Sope Dirisu), the husband, continues to experience “disturbances” which are either magical or actually just in his head. At least, you might believe that what Bol and Rial (Wunmi Mosaku), the wife, experienced was just a part of past trauma.

What makes you feel the horror from the start is the experience of two people from a far country in a foreign land. Their experience is seen as sad, their experience is considered “crazy” just because it brings mystical things that they believe in from their home country.

When it comes to mystical things about witches, witchcraft workers, and so on, in Indonesia it may be commonplace and it won’t get noticed because it is a daily life for Indonesians. However, for developed countries like England, people who believe in black magic, sorcery, and even ghosts can be considered crazy. Perhaps at worst they end up in a mental hospital, for the British resident or citizen. Movie Review

His House is one of the masterpieces that you must watch right now. His House points out that there is something more terrifying out there that is not imaginary, but real.

Until now, there are still many refugees who find it difficult to recover from past trauma. They can experience anything, which in the film His House is shown as guilt for the past. Top Movie

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