Humba Dreams – Review

This film focuses on a character named Martin (J. S. Khairen), a student at a university in Jakarta who is completing his studies majoring in film. One day, Martin received an order from his mother to return to his homeland in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara because of a family problem that had to be resolved. Best Movie Site

This problem is related to the dream of a spiritual figure in Martin’s hometown. In this dream, his late father Martin told his son to open a box of his inheritance. One of the items in the box was a video camera and a roll of film made by his father that everyone in his village had to watch.

Unfortunately, the roll of film has to be washed first with chemicals which are not easy to find in Sumba. This then led Martin to search all over Sumba to fulfill his father’s message. On this journey, he also meets and falls in love with a woman named Ana (Ully Triani) who is actually married. Movie Review

The plot presented by Humba Dreams actually seems very simple. However, there is actually a deep meaning that is presented in the storyline of this film. One of them is the cultural conflict and identity crisis experienced by Martin, who has spent too long in Jakarta. He also tried to “reunite” with Tana Humba during his search.

Apart from that, this film has also succeeded in bringing about conflict in the field of filmmaking. This has to do with Martin, who is a film student in a modern era and now has to learn old synergy techniques to fulfill his late father’s request.

Apart from presenting a plot with a deep meaning, Humba Dreams has also succeeded in incorporating various kinds of social problems in Sumba. Interestingly, this social issue was presented during Martin’s journey in looking for chemicals for his father’s film roll film. This also complements Martin, who is adapting to the atmosphere of his hometown after living in Jakarta for a long time.

A number of social problems raised in this film include the loss of family members who have gone abroad, conflicts of belief, and poverty. In fact, Humba Dreams also criticized the lack of infrastructure in Sumba, for example, for example, when Martin had difficulty finding a signal which was actually very easy to find in a big city.

Perhaps the only drawback that exists in Humba Dreams lies in the acting skills of the actors involved in this film. J. S. Khairen who plays Martin appears with a less expressive facial expression and his acting tends to be stiff throughout the film. This also applies to a number of other supporting actors. The only actor whose acting feels flexible is Ully Triani, who plays Ana. Top Movie

However, problems related to acting skills can actually be a little obligatory. The reason is, Humba Dreams is the acting debut of J. S. Khairen in the film world. Meanwhile, Ully Triani has been involved in several films. Then, for other supporting actors, maybe the production team tries to describe the attitude of the people of Sumba as they are without the help of acting techniques.

Broadly speaking, Humba Dreams is suitable for those of you who like films with beautiful visuals, full of meaning, and raise social issues.

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