The Drug King – Synopsis

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The use of drugs without a proper prescription from the medical team, can make a person withdraw Moreover, if its use is done illegally, the authorities will definitely pick it up. This also applies to dealers who distribute these illicit goods to their clients and customers. The film The Drug King is a fictional story about the most famous drug dealer in Busan. Best Movie Site

The film The Drug King by director Woo Min Ho was released at the end of December 2018. The drama and the intense action, are summarized in a duration of approximately 139 minutes until the credit title appears

In the 1970s, there was a man named Lee Doo Sam who had been working in illegal business for a long time in Busan. He had sold gold and watches that made him a fortune. But when he was caught by the authorities, Doo Sam became a scapegoat and had to stay in prison for several years.

After that, he tried his luck working at a magic com factory or rice cooker. But on the way, he offered to join the cocaine business. At first he didn’t believe it. After going on a business trip to Japan, he finally decided to try it out.

At the beginning of his business, he met Kim Jung A. This woman had many acquaintances with rich people and other business people. Doo Sam also saw a gap to sell his business. Sure enough, after a few rich people got addicted, the cocaine he sold had increased dramatically.

Every day, he and his employees prepare many packages of cocaine in small packages and sell to many people. Instantly, Doo Sam immediately became rich. He was able to cover up this illicit business well. Movie Review

However, this business began to catch on by a detective named Kim In Goo. Having just transferred to Busan, he immediately becomes suspicious of Doo Sam’s wealth. Without saying much, he immediately searched and tried to trap Doo Sam while handling cocaine.

In Goo gets information from Doo Sam’s former subordinates when selling golden watches first. Then, connecting with Jung A until finally evidence of Doo Sam’s involvement as a drug dealer can be evaded.

How does Doo Sam continue after Detective In Goo’s kidnap? Will he be in prison again or free to escape the bonds of this law? Top Movie

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