Bill & Ted Face the Music – Review

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Although the adventure / comedy / science fiction genre contains time-traveling plots, the three ‘Bill & Ted’ films are not the kind of ‘Back to the Future’ that are serious about writing their sci-fi aspects of time machines and physical theories.

Released in the late 80s, the duo of creators Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon seem to just want to have fun and go crazy by presenting a story about two cute boys who dream of becoming rock stars, about how they can save the world with … ahem, music ! And time travel … meet legendary figures like Napoleon, Joan of Arc, Billy the Kid, Socrates, Freud, Genghis Khan, Beethoven, gokil right? The first and second ‘Bill & Ted’ films seemed to be written by two highly drunk geniuses. Best Movie Site

Face the Music‘ continues the previous craze, still being written by the original two creators, and directed by Dean Prisot (‘Galaxy Quest’, ‘Red 2’), what has become the hallmark of ‘Bill & Ted’ is still alive, namely the cringe comedy, the plot to save the world (with music, of course), time travel to the past and the future, with a duration of 91 minutes, this film is full of content.

Once upon a time, now Bill and Ted, still played by Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves, of course they are middle age, and become ex-rock stars who are almost forgotten by people. Until then they must, once again, save the world with a new song that they must create (or discover?), And the mission must be completed in 78 minutes! However, they don’t have the new song yet. So, what do the two think? Yep, go to the future to meet themselves who they think must have found the song! But stories are not that simple.

As Bill and Ted venture into the future to find themselves whose future selves dislike being met and tend to avoid, Bill and Ted each have a daughter of the same age, Thea (Samara Weaving, ‘Ready or Not ‘,’ Guns Akimbo ‘) and Billie (Brigette Lundy-Paine,’ The Glass Castle, ‘Downsizing’) – both of them have exactly the same temperament as their father, trying to help their father’s problems, both of them also travel to the past to meet a number of legendary musicians between generations in order to unite them into a band to accompany Bill and Ted. Movie Review

In terms of comedy, frankly, this film is far below its two predecessors, even though the scriptwriter is still the same person. More miss than hits. However, the name is also comedy, maybe this time it is just my taste that doesn’t quite match. And, whether it’s just my feelings or not, Keanu Reaves looks tired, not as enthusiastic as Alex Winter, who has consistently played Bill’s character with the exact same temperament and body language as before. The point is this film is not very funny, but it is still quite exciting and hilarious, especially with the presence of Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine who stole the show.

The one thing that has kept track of the two predecessors, is not the comedy, unfortunately, but how much power the heart and love are the foundation of the story. No spoilers, but in essence, “Bill & Ted: Face the Music” is about keeping other people and family members safe, and about “united we stand divorced we fall”. It is a philosophy of life that we uphold in this country we love, which we really need to reflect on and do in our daily life, together, especially in the difficult situations we are currently experiencing. The funny thing is, this silly film reminds us of that. Top Movie

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