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Alive tells the story of a boy named Oh Joon-woo (Yoo Ah-in) who spends his days as a gamer in his apartment. While playing a game, Joon-woo’s friends make a fuss about something that is on TV. The curious Joon-woo got up from his seat and turned on the television.

It was at this time that Joon-woo realized that the entire city, including his apartment area, had been in chaos due to a virus attack that turned humans into zombies. From the balcony of his apartment, Joon-woo witnessed first hand some of his neighbors being eaten by these terrible creatures. Joon-woo, who is alone, has to survive by isolating himself in his apartment unit.

After surviving for a few days, Joon-wo then finds another sign of life from an apartment unit across from him. This figure is a girl named Kim Yoo-bin (Park Shin-hye) who is described as having a very calm personality than Joon-woo. The two of them then work together to struggle to survive in makeshift conditions amidst the zombies in the apartment. Best Movie Site

The struggle for survival that exists in Alive feels tense because it may relate to the current conditions that make us “locked up” at home due to the Corona pandemic. This tense atmosphere generally occurs when we start to hear zombies from the front of Joon-woo or Yoo-bin’s apartment unit. For those of you who want to get an adrenaline rush while watching a movie, Alive might be an alternative.


For those of you who are expecting that Alive will become a zombie film that shows the slaughter of these terrible creatures, you might be a little disappointed. The reason is, the moment the character kills the zombies is far less if you want compared to other Korean zombie films, namely Train to Busan (2016). Of course, this will be considered a drawback by some people because it will feel boring.

However, if you refer to the title, the lack of action against zombies is actually in accordance with the concept of the film Alive, which is survival. Because, surviving in the midst of zombie terror doesn’t always focus on killing these terrible creatures, but also looking for food and also seeking help. Movie Review

Throughout the film, we will be shown how Joon-woo and Yoo-bin survived this situation by using various means. Starting from using drones to using selfie sticks or tongsis to search for signals.

So, actually it’s back to your tastes to be able to enjoy this film. If you like zombie movies full of slaughter, you might get bored of watching Alive. However, for those of you who like zombie films that focus more on the survival process, aka survival, Alive will be one of the films that you can enjoy.

One of the important factors of zombie movies is the visuals or the appearance of the man-eating creatures themselves. The film Alive also successfully provides terrifying visuals of each zombie. Starting from his eyes that bleed out to the depiction of scenes of human transformation into zombies that are made tense.

In addition, the zombies in Alive are not ‘lazy’ zombies who just walk slowly like in The Walking Dead series. You see, the zombies in this film can run and even climb the rope just to chase their prey. This of course makes the zombies in the film not only terrible from the visuals, but also from their abilities. Top Movie

Broadly speaking, Alive will be suitable for those of you who like zombie films which are more focused on the theme of survival. If you are curious about how the end of the survival struggle for Yoo Ah-in and Park Shin-hye

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