The World Of Kanako – Review

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In the realm of Asian and Japanese cinema in particular, long before the release of The World of Kanako, for the past decade or so, the name Tetsuya Nakashima has transformed into one of the most attractive people in the cinema of the land of the rising sun. First kicked off through Kamikaze Girls (KG) in 2004, and Memories of Matsuko (MoM) two years later, Nakashima slowly but surely succeeded in gathering his own masses while contributing to his distinctive style of directing in the realm of Japanese cinema, even though it was essentially between works of film. the directing differs from one another in tone and genre. Best Movie Site

From the surreal comedy drama in KG, Nakashima crossed over to present the elegant drama MoM, and then had the chance to also refine the CGI children’s drama film, Paco and the Magical Book (2008). He succeeded in becoming the byword of the world when he received praise for his slick performance in the dark drama film adaptation of the novel, Confessions, which has been recognized by Asian film watchers as one of Japan’s most prominent new thriller drama films, and is also one of the top films outside Hollywood to become. personal favorite of writers of all time, to date.

And, through The World of Kanako, it seems that Nakashima is still not tired of playing in other film genres as well as printing quality works, which he has proven again through this film that has become the choice of Asian Movie Recommendation. Having a breath similar to Confessions, The World of Kanako allows the filmmaker to return to present a dark thriller about the action of revenge which, if you want to be compared, almost equals the extreme level of Japanese filmmakers who are famous for their “sick” films, Takashi Miike is good in terms of content and the tone. Movie Review

Akikazu began to trace the past and present, and ask his daughter’s “friends”, as the investigation process was carried out, he began to get various pieces of clues that made him realize that the world Kanako was facing, apart from being very far beyond his expectations, was actually behind his face. the beauty of the only girl keeps a dark secret that is very destructive.

Presenting a shooting style that can be said to be a combination of the execution of other Nakashima films making the visualization of the Japanese film, Kawaki (Thirst-red) – which is so fitting to symbolize the various motifs of the various characters in it – is so dynamic while looking so dark in the the same side.

Adopting his success formula in Confessions, the filmmaker packs it in a dark, depressive psychological thriller full of multiple layers of twist. Even so, he wanted to highlight the dark elements, the filmmaker deliberately chose dark colors with the support of cinematographic techniques and perfect lighting. Not only that, as the story progresses, shocking and terrifying facts emerge through a series of flashbacks that also serve as the answer key and complement to the previous scenes.

Of course the advantages of this film do not stop there, the execution of Nakashima in translating the story adapted from the novel entitled Hateshinaki Kawaki by Akio Fukamachi, in addition to the support of the veteran players who played nicely, the adorable yet manipulative appearance of the young actress Nana Komatsu who became the character who became The issue of the story also deserves thumbs up. Top Movie

This film also magically manages to balance a well-constructed mystery plot with a presentation of action, editing, insertion of animated formatted scenes, and not to forget the carefully selected choice of soundtrack songs.

Of course, like Nakashima’s most successful work before, this film is not the type of dish that is comfortable to be consumed by the average person, but if Chillers wants a non-mainstream and smart dish, and doesn’t mind stirring up his emotions with a twisty twist, The World of Kanako is the right choice for that.

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