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Raise its name through horror genre films which are now recognized among Asian film enthusiasts and observers as classics such as Cure, Pulse, and Bright Future, the filmmaker Kiyoshi Kurosawa through this film is able to prove that he is also good at refining films with the psychological thriller drama genre. In recent years, it has become the genre belonging to ginseng filmmakers, because there are more films with similar genres that are recognized for their high quality, such as Memories of Murder, Oldboy, The Chaser, and other titles that would be too long if written one by one in here.

With the frame that it is difficult for someone to escape from the ghost of their past, Kurosawa presents a film that tells the story of a former profiler who must fight to keep his household’s integrity from the threat of a very dangerous sociopath. This is Creepy, the newest creation from a filmmaker who has become one of Japan’s foremost filmmakers in the realm of new generation horror films. Best Movie Site

A police profiler named Koichi Takakura (Hidetoshi Nishijima) suffered stab wounds while he was handling his latest case, which forced him to submit his resignation as a member of the law enforcement agency. Switching professions, Takakura swerved to become a lecturer at the faculty of psychology at a university. So that the distance he has to travel to work is not long, the lecturer decides to move with his wife, Yasuko (Yûko Takeuchi).

In his new environment, Takakura began to find irregularities. When he became acquainted with one of his neighboring families, the Nishino family. Not long after that, one of the lecturers’ old colleagues came to him to ask him for help in solving a mysterious old unsolved case, about the disappearance of three members of a family, which only left one witness, Saki Honda (Haruna Kawaguchi).

Initially refused, after a while he began to be persuaded to take part in solving the case. It was in the investigation process that the lecturer began to see a connection between the case he was handling and his new neighbor, especially the gestures and mysterious nature of Masato Nishino (Teruyuki Kagawa), the head of the family and his teenage daughter. Unaware of the danger that lay ahead of him, Takakura was completely unprepared that he would face the most complex case he had ever faced. Movie Review

From a brief explanation of the storyline put forward in this film. It must be admitted that the plot that is presented in Creepy is actually not at all extraordinary, and not once or twice has been made into the film. However, through his cold hands, the filmmaker is able to turn this story into a compelling presentation.

Deliberately using a slow storyline, with a mix of American film styles about serial killers such as Silence of the Lambs with a unique Japanese horror theme, Creepy, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, is truly a spectacle package that is completely synonymous with the title. which he puts forward. Top Movie

It is evident that Creepy received a very warm welcome in the eyes of critics who praised him that through this film the filmmaker was able to provide an entertaining spectacle while increasing awareness of the tendencies of relationships between individuals, both friends, neighbors and our closest people in the 21st century.

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