Shaun of The Dead – Review

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In any culture in this world, no one tells that one of the signs of doomsday is the outbreak of a zombie virus which causes humans to become undead and prey on other humans. However, in most of the zombie films I have watched, the appearance of zombies ends in the destruction of the people of an area, be it on a small or large scale, Resident Evil, Silent Hill to name a few. Best Movie Site

As a character in a movie, by definition, zombies are boring. All they could do was moo, chase the human with dragged legs, and chew on the arm of the victim. “Shaun of The Dead” perfectly reflects my sentiment towards zombies in the opening scene of this film, where the main character walks unsteadily down a sidewalk filled with lying zombie bodies, without even realizing it. She was too drunk and worried about the possibility that her boyfriend might leave her after this.

It is said that Shaun (Simon Pegg) is a loser, is a middle-class worker from North London. Shaun is considered a failed product in the surrounding social community. It is a disappointment, for his girlfriend, family, coworkers, and even his house mates. Only his best friend Ed (Nick Frost), an acute loser, is still able to see the positive side of him. Movie Review

I am so overwhelmed with many things in her life at one time; playing games during the day with Ed, working at an electronics store, and being dumped by his girlfriend Liz (Kate Ashfield) after failing to keep promises, Shaun doesn’t realize that the city where they live is hit by the threat of a zombie virus that has spread almost throughout the region. . Until when Shaun and Ed realized the precarious condition they were experiencing, this was Shaun’s chance to save Liz, her mother, stepfather, and some of her friends from the undead and prove that she could do something right.

What sets Shaun of The Dead apart from comedy films like Scary Movie and makes the jokes twice as effective is the fact that the punchline in Shaun of The Dead never leads to cheap parody. The creators are people who are able to see the funny side in absurd circumstances but still carry out the story plot neatly, full of blood, and at the same time very emotional. Like during the climax scene at the bar, even when the scene is that important, funny sentences can still be inserted in the dialogue without the elements of making it up. Top Movie

Simon Pegg portrays the kind of character that the audience can “rely on” in the form of Shaun, the likeable loser. Someone stuck in a cycle of bad habits but not conscious enough to change them. Someone who when they get the chance to prove themselves but always bumps into the fact that things don’t always go according to plan.

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