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“Kick-Ass”, a 2010 superhero-themed film directed by Matthew Vaughn, adapted from the sadistic comic series of the same name, “Kick-Ass”. This film arguably brings new winds in a similar themed film. Unlike other superhero films that tend to be serious, the story presented by “Kick-Ass” is more fun, fresh, super sadistic and of course with fresh and crisp jokes plus very young people. Best Movie Site

The film opens with a ridiculous scene while inviting laughter from the audience, although still, sadistic. Then the story continues to the story of Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), an ordinary young man who is lame, lousy, not gahol, and his friends who are very obsessed with superhero comic stories. He has no reputation at school, he has no secret fans, let alone all the girls in his school chase him, he is not good at sports and math, and he also doesn’t have 3,000 friends on the social networking site MySpace. In short, he couldn’t and was left with nothing. Maybe, all he could and he had was a brain full of lecherous thoughts and two lovable friends and a super ability to be “invisible” in front of girls. Dave himself lives alone with his father, while his mother has died of aneurysms (considering this film is a comedy film, his mother died in a very ridiculous way of death).

Back to Dave’s ambition. She was so obsessed with being a superhero that she bought a tight green outfit that was actually more of a cheap gymnastics costume she got from the internet to make her dream of becoming a superhero come true. With a modest weapon and no power at all (except for what I mentioned above) he was determined to become a superhero. Unfortunately, being a superhero is not easy. On his first day as a superhero, he was stabbed by car thieves and, unfortunately, he was hit by a car. But apparently Dave never gave up, he returned and carried out his mission as Kick-Ass version 2.0 after he recovered. The initial mission this time was to find a cat named Mr. Bitey (yes, this isn’t a joke). This time, apparently lucky, he managed to find Mr Bitey in front of a restaurant. Incidentally, at that time, it turned out that a man was being chased by a group of burly thugs with tattoos. Chance! With all her heart she defended the man. At that time, restaurant visitors watched and tried to record the incident. This time, the goddess Fortuna was on the side of Kick-Ass. This “super” hero managed to beat the thugs, and the video recorded by the restaurant goers also managed to become the most watched video on the YouTube site. That’s the beginning of our superhero story, Kick-Ass. Movie Review

However, “Kick-Ass” does not only tell about Kick-Ass alone, because it is suspected that Kick-Ass itself turns out that there are “real” superheroes out there, they are Hit-Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz), an 11 year old innocent child. dirty-mouthed (but beautiful) but good at fighting who doesn’t hesitate to kill criminals in a very sadistic way along with his father, Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage), a superhero as well as a Hit-Girl trainer who in fact is a former cop who will later evolve into a a superhero in an outfit that looks like Batman. The tension will be felt even more with the presence of this “real” superhero. Honestly, I enjoy the two of them more (especially Hit-Girl) when compared to Kick-Ass itself. Perhaps, this film is more suitable if it is titled “Hit-Girl and Big Daddy” than “Kick-Ass”. Okay, just forget about my bad, crazy idea. Not enough? There are still other superheroes, namely Red Mist aka Chris D’Amico (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) who is none other than the son of Frank D’Amico (Mark Strong) who is the main villain in this film.

About acting, Chloë Grace Moretz deserves thumbs up. With natural acting without any coercion managed to make me fall in love with this Hit-Girl (maybe Moretz is more like him, hehe). Nicolas Cage also managed to bring out the character of a father and a superhero. Meanwhile, Mark Strong, showed a very good performance especially with his own “evil” face. Likewise with the Red Mist, Christopher Mintz-Plasse. However, Aaron Johnson actually “lost” compared to other actors, even though as the main character he should be able to show his best performance with his role as Dave aka Kick-Ass.

With various sadistic and bloody scenes that are ready to make your teeth ache, especially for those who are not used to watching films with lots of blood scenes and “mutilated bodies” but still invite laughter, “Kick-Ass” manages to present an interesting spectacle with a superhero theme that is different from the others. Let’s welcome the best superhero film of 2010, this is … “Kick-Ass”! Top Movie

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