All The Money In The World – Review

The film All The Money In The World is based on a biographical novel entitled Painfully Rich: The Outrageous Fortune and Misfortunes of the Heirs of J. Paul Getty by John Pearson, which was released in 1995. Getty, known as the richest and most illustrious billionaire in world history, lost his favorite grandchild. . However, he did not intend to pay the ransom until the kidnapper cut his grandson’s ear.

The film, which tells the story of this phenomenal kidnapping, has a back and forth plot at the beginning of the film. Of course, you can still see Scott’s distinctive style, which often provides a tense and dark atmosphere. In fact, this characteristic has been seen at the beginning of the film and in the film footage. Best Movie Site

A crime-mystery genre, this film can give you a tense atmosphere even though it’s not as tense as other Scott films that make you often hold your breath. Unfortunately, this film will feel boring because it shows the criminal side with a little thriller flavor. One more thing, this film has a few action scenes that are again boring for those of you who are expecting an intense fight scene.

This film itself has a strong plot, according to the original story which is told in detail. No wonder, if Scott was nominated for the Golden Globes 2018 through this film! Well, for those of you who don’t know the original story, you better find out before watching this film so you can understand the plot. If you try watching it right away, you will think hard about the direction of the story. Movie Review

Visually, this film has an enigmatic criminal atmosphere. Don’t expect stunning colors. True to its time, this film gives a gloom that is full of intensity. In accordance with the circumstances at that time, Getty was actually extremely rich because of his oil mine, but still felt a lack. This is inversely proportional to people who are always limited in their daily use of oil.

The characters in this film also feature several well-known actors, namely Christopher Plumer, who is skilled at playing the miserly billionaire. There is also Charles Plumer who succeeded in playing the innocent grandson. Do not forget, Michelle Williams who is total as Abigail Getty with all the expressions shown.

Next, there is Mark Wahlberg who fits into a good spy named Fletcher Chase. However, his role seemed redundant as the man who ordered the richest figure in England. In addition, the presence of several Italian actors, such as Nicolas Vaporidis, Guglielmo Favila, and Andrea Piedimonte, will amaze you with their thick Italian accent.

Even though it seems gloomy, this film gives some meaning to life. As the title suggests, all the money in the world is nothing compared to the presence of a family. One hand, money can provide material benefits in life. On the other hand, money makes people complacent and makes someone greedy and stingy. Top Movie

Just look at Getty who thinks that his family is not more important than inanimate objects. He is willing to buy a painting that costs fantastic than saving his grandson. In fact, he always felt inadequate and had a desire to continue making money. His stingy nature made him refuse to do anything at all.

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