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A Dog’s Purpose, this comedy drama film by Lasse Hallström takes the story of a dog, this is not Lasse’s first dog-themed film, previously he worked on Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. This film is adapted from the novel of the same name by W. Bruce Cameron and stars Dennis Quaid, Britt Robertson, Josh Gad, K. J. Apa, Juliet Rylance and John Ortiz. Best Movie Site

A Dog’s Purpose tells the story of a Bailey dog ​​whose life is seen from birth to death and reincarnated through four different dog breeds. Every time he is reincarnated, his story from life to death with the owner is inserted. Starting from a retriver dog who was rescued by a child named Ethan, the dog was kidnapped and left in the car until dehydrated. Ethan and his mother also helped the dog and raised it under the name Bailey. Ethan, who has no younger siblings or older siblings, is very comforted by the presence of Bailey who accompanies his days until Ethan turns high school. You could say Bailey is very close to Ethan, Bailey was taken wherever Ethan went, until his introduction to Hannah, a beautiful girl who became Ethan’s girlfriend thanks to Bailey.

Problems arise when Ethan’s drunken father wrecks his scholarship celebration, plus he has an accident that injures his leg. The situation changes drastically until Ethan breaks off his relationship with Hannah, Bailey who can sniff out Ethan’s unusual differences in attitude and doesn’t invite him to play again. Bailey is even more sad when Ethan has to leave him to study agriculture, Bailey is getting old and gloomy without Ethan finally dying. Movie Review

Do not stop there, Bailey is reincarnated as a sniffer dog named Ellie, he helps Carlos, a Chicago cop, but his life is taken again when fighting criminals. Bailey is reincarnated as a corgi dog named Tino and adopted by a student Maya, he accompanies Maya to find his soul mate. Bailey’s last reincarnation was when he became a Bernard-Australian shepherd, this time Bailey’s fate was unlucky, he was dumped and neglected, finally released and he fled to the countryside, until Bailey realized that he recognized this area where the location of his first owner Ethan, would Bailey can you meet Ethan again?

Lasse Hallström has succeeded in making us cringe with emotion in every story of Bailey’s reincarnation, the puppies’ acting up to their sadness when they don’t feel like running. Bailey’s voice actor also succeeded in making us laugh because of the antics of a dog, the funny voice was filled by Olaf alias Josh Gad. The young actor couple Britt Robertson and K. J. Whatever looks harmonious as Ethan and Hannah, until Dennis Quaid is mature to play the adult Ethan who lives alone on the farm. Applause to the dogs who play in this film, looks natural and very inspiring. Although there were reports of coercion on one of the dogs in the wide-ranging video, quoted from Entertainment Weekly, American Humaned stated that no animals were endangered in the scenes. Top Movie

A Dog’s Purpose can be a viewing option for you dog lovers, who know what it feels like to be abandoned by a dog. Even those who don’t own a dog can want to keep one. You will be exasperated and touched watching the loyalty of the dogs in this film.

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