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Why Him? This film has actually been released at the end of 2016 and can be a choice for family viewing at the end of the holidays and the new year 2017. But this film certainly has an age limit for the audience, given that there are some ‘weird’ scenes and dialogues that can be categorized as “extreme” (obscene) for age of children. Movie Review

Why Him? This tells the story of how a father who initially objected to his beloved daughter’s boyfriend. Ned (Bryan Cranston), is the CEO of a struggling Michigan-based printing company. Ned is very close to his daughter, Stephanie (Zoey Deutch). When Ned tries to land a deal to generate much-needed income, Stephanie invites her family – Ned, her mother, Barb (Megan Mullally) and younger brother, Scott (Griffin Gluck) – to celebrate Christmas with her in California so they can spend the holidays together and meets his girlfriend, famous video game designer Laird Mayhew (James Franco).

With full consideration, Ned finally agreed to California. He flew off with the intention of wanting to know more about Stephanie and Laird’s love life before things got more serious. Top Movie
When he arrived in California, Ned was horrified to learn that Laird had a very different personality. Ned thinks Laird is a stupid man and has a lifestyle and thoughts that are too free, so he also objected if his daughter married Laird.

Meanwhile Stephanie continues to try to persuade her father by convincing him that Laird is the right man for her, because she loves him and he knows very well that Laird has another side to be proud of. This was apparently shown by Laird to Ned and his family.

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Yes, even though Laird is a bit ‘weird’ to the Flemings, he admits that he really cares about their daughter and wants to propose to her on Christmas Day. However, he wouldn’t do it without Ned’s blessing first. As a result, with his attitude that was still somewhat gruff, he tried to win Ned’s heart in order to marry Stephanie. Well, it was this attitude of Laird and Ned’s family while at Laird’s house that invited a lot of laughter later.

Why Him? This is the latest comedy from writer / director John Hamburg, who also co-authored the film Meet the Parents. This film is an attempt to implement a spectacle that presents some adult-oriented laughter in filling the holiday season. The acting of the main characters was also considered quite entertaining, especially Bryan Cranston and James Franco in playing the characters Ned and Laird. Both are able to channel the comedy side of the film, where Bryan plays the loving, yet overly protective father, while actor James Franco is stunning in his role as a free-flowing and honest (sometimes too honest) man who is desperate to please. future in-laws, Ned.

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