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Thailand released a remake of the film The Classis (Korean film) with the title Classic Again.

Starting from looking for documents for his mother, Bota (Mint Ranchrawee Uakoolwarawat) finds a box filled with love letters that leads him to trace his mother’s first love story. Once upon a time, when he was young, his mother, Dalah (also played by Mint Ranchrawee Uakoolwarawat) spent her vacation time at her grandfather’s house. There, he met and fell in love with Kajorn (New Thitipoom Techaapaikhun). Unfortunately, their love is hindered when Dalah is arranged for an arranged marriage with Kajorn’s best friend at school, Tanil (Tong Samitpong Sakulpongchai). The love triangle story that happened to the mother miraculously happened to her at this time. Bota falls in love with Non (Gee Sutthirak Subvijitra), a drama club member who is also crushed by his best friend, Poppy (Meiko Chonnikan Netjui). Best Movie Site

In recent years, CJ Entertainment has been working closely with a number of Southeast Asian countries to recycle popular films. As his directorial debut, Tatchapong Supasri, who was contacted by CJ, chose The Classic for recycling. Titled Classic Again, this film is the second remake made by Negeri Gajah Putih after Suddenly Twenty (remake of Miss Granny). The problem that is often encountered in remaking a film from another country is the extent to which this adaptation is able to retain the main essence of the original film while incorporating its own creativity and taste that makes it memorable.

Like the original version, this film is divided into two time settings, namely the present and the mother’s youth. Rain is still an important backdrop for any romance scene including the iconic scene where the two main characters run together with their jackets as umbrellas while being accompanied by the song One Memory – the Thai version of Me To You, You To Me. Movie Review

However, unlike the Turkish version of Miracle in Cell no.7 which made significant changes and made it a unique and different remake, Classic Again did not do this at all. The romance that is presented is no less sweet and touching than The Classic, but unfortunately Classic Again feels safe playing by recreating every important scene. Like it or not, watching this film is like déjà vu, what makes it different is only the actors who play it. Regardless, at least the sweet romance of these two eras is not one-sided. Indeed, the main focus of this film is how the mother’s love story ultimately affects the steps taken by the daughter.

However, in the original version, the mother’s love story overshadows parts of the child’s story and inevitably makes the story less dense and interesting to watch. Luckily, this error was fixed in the adapted version and made the love story of Bota and Non flow more smoothly. Not to forget, the performance of the main actors, especially Mint, who plays two characters, is not inferior to Son Ye-Jin. Both as Dalah and as Bota, Mint successfully exudes charm and maximizes chemistry with co-stars, both New and Gee.

Final conclusion:
For those who have watched the original version, Classic Again doesn’t actually offer a new flavor in the story. A number of classic and unforgettable scenes were recreated in such a way. Regardless, this Thai remake at least fixes a number of deficiencies in The Classic, especially in the part of the child’s love story. Even so, Classic Again is still a must-see for romantic film lovers, especially those who like films with the theme of first love. Top Movie

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