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His role as Watson in Sherlock Holmes has indeed made Jude Law’s career climb. His name is becoming increasingly calculated. Likewise, when the film Repo Men is almost released. Many believe this film will be a cool movie. Moreover, hearing an interesting premise plus a pretty convincing cast like Oscar winners, Forest Whitaker, Liev Schreiber the sabretooth, until Alice Braga who was quite good at Predators. Will this film meet people’s expectations? Best Movie Site

In 2025, people don’t need to be confused anymore if there are parts of their organs that can’t work. The Union Company led by Frank (Liev Schreiber) managed to create an artificial organ that could be translated to people in need. But, the rewards are not cheap either. Super expensive fees are needed to make up for it all. If more than 3 months have not been paid, The Union will send an agent to retrieve the organ by force. The person in charge of retrieving it is called Repo Man. Remy (Jude Law) and Jake (Forest Whitaker) are partners who have known each other since childhood. They are also among the best agents owned by The Union. The task is always smooth. Until Remy feels it’s time to quit this “menial” job and choose to return to living a normal life with his wife and children.

But his last job did not go well. Remy had an accident that caused her heart to be replaced with an artificial heart from The Union. Obviously Remy, who could not afford it, would have to deal with the Repo Man who in fact were his own friends, even including his partner, Jake. Movie Review

The premise of this film is really interesting. The opening was also quite convincing. I was confused after seeing the pretty good opening. Why this film can flop on the market even criticized by critics? And as the film goes on, that question is answered. This film does not sell anything other than gore and sadistic scenes. Which scene also feels a bit excessive. Usually as sadistic as any film also has a moral message. Do not believe? Friday the 13th for example, teaches us not to have sexual intercourse in the middle of the forest if you don’t want to be slaughtered by Jason. Or at A Nightmare on Elm Street where we are taught to pray before dur or Freddy will haunt or even kill us. Now what is taught here? Existing justifies the debtors. I think the name of the debt must be paid right?

In this film, it doesn’t directly teach “If you buy goods and don’t have money to pay, you don’t need to pay”. There is still more depravity of this film. That was with Remy, played by Jude Law. In the midst of the chaotic conditions instead of trying to improve relations with his wife, he instead chose to go with another girl. Worse, a girl is shown directly to her child. What entertained me a little so that I did not put this film in the top 5 films opened in 2010 was that the ending was not forced to end happily, and an interesting opening. Top Movie

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