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Tells a young man who hides his job as a motorcycle taxi driver from the family, Bike Man is not a far-fetched story where the main character wants to maintain a profane profession forever because of love. Beyond the ridiculous packaging, Bike Man is a spectacle with high relevance related to the depiction of conflicts and obstacles in the world (search) for work. Best Movie Site

Sakkarin (Pachara Chirathivat) makes his mother (Jennifer Kim) proud, because like his late father, he managed to work in a bank. Even Sakkarin had just been promoted to assistant manager. But who would have thought, neat makeup every morning was just a cover. Arriving in the city, Sakkarin immediately changed attributes, “acting” as a base motorcycle taxi driver due to always failing in the process of applying for work at the bank. Sakkarin hid this fact from his mother and Uncle Preecha (Kom Chauncheun), a former police officer and an old friend of his father, who was always suspicious. He was afraid of making the family embarrass. But what is the measure of a job called good and bad? Money? Prestige? The definition of good / bad is increasingly blurred when Sakkarin meets Jai (Sananthachat Thanapatpisal), an old friend and girl who has been secretly appraising.

Jai worked in the dream bank of Sakkarin, but his happiness was nothing. Aspiring to be a pilot, Jai felt constrained. Especially when I have to face the behavior of A (Pramote Pathan), a lover as well as a boss who is a playboy and at will. From here Bike Man alludes to the value of a profession, which varies depending on the owner.

For example, for Jai, working at a bank might be bad and full of fatigue, but the profession is not necessarily labeled bad, as many work-themed films do. On the contrary, for Sakkarin, the bank was his dream. Therefore, we do not have the right to simply judge a profession, want it bank employees or motorcycle taxi drivers. Movie Review

Outside of work, Bike Man is also an adorable romantic comedy, which is based on liquidity and solid chemistry of the two main actors. Following Asia’s romance formula, especially Thailand and Korea, Sakkarin and Jai’s relationship is a love story wrapped in laughter, in which no matter how beautiful and graceful the woman is, her character always has a “flaw” so that she often makes fools. It is precisely there that the core of its success spawned an earthly love that was fun to follow.

Overall, the Bike Man comedy follows the absurd absurd formula typical of Thai cinema, which is immediately confirmed by the opening scene when Sakkarin races on the road while piggybacking his mother and grandmother, across the city streets like racers on the track. Much of his humor stems from Sakkarin’s attempts to fool his family. Fun, but often, the cat-cat feels unnecessary. Questions often arise about the impact if Sakkarin was caught in a number of situations (for example: the night market). Top Movie

Moving with successive absurdity, Bike Man suddenly struck through dramatic conclusions, when the theme of chasing dreams and family intersect, creating a touching final round when director Prueksa Amaruji succeeded in combining three elements: storytelling (disclosure of a secret), Jennifer Kim’s emotional acting, and touching musical accompaniment.

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