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The film opens with a historical explanation from the Koje Concentration Camp. Giving information about the war being fought between South and North Korea and the supporters of each ideology and each block were placed in Koje. It is enough to provide information on the direction of the Swing Kids story. Ideological battles. However, you should not jump to conclusions that this is entirely about war, because Korean filmmakers always surprise their films. Best Movie Site

In Swing Kids directed by Kang Hyeong-cheol you have to follow the dynamics of the Rho Ki-soo character (Do Kyung-soo). The character is told as a brother of North Korean hero Rho Ki-jin (Kim Min-Jae). Rho Ki-soo is automatically respected by people on the North Block. This early stage you will also be introduced that Rho Ki-soo was a dancer.

Swing Kids is not polite in terms of the flow. The initial stage you will immediately be shown the emotional dynamics of Rho Ki-soo when you see Jackson (Jared Grimes) dancing tap dance. He really wants to dance again. Introducing the character continues with the introduction of Yang Pan-rae (Park Hye-so) a versatile beautiful girl who later dances for money. This introductory girl like food enthusiast during the movie will make you fall in love.

Swing Kids
Swing Kids

Do not forget to introduce Jackson the coach who is a former Broadway dancer. The dynamics of him who loved dance was trapped in an atmosphere of war. Likewise with his assignment by B. Roberts (Ross Kettle) to entertain reporters who come with his dance group. Then the dance audition was opened, which was finally chosen by Xiaofang (Kim Min-Ho) and Kang Byung-Sam (Oh Jung-Se). Movie Review

Of course the character dynamics that attract the most are Rho Ki-Soo’s character itself. Rho Ki-Soo is like carrying the spirit of Tap Dance itself. Tap Dance from America began to influence him to make him unable to sleep because each sleep seemed to hear the beat of music from shoes that collided with the ground which in the end Rho Ki-Soo was defeated with Tap Dance. Rho Ki-Soo gave himself completely to Tap Dance despite being labeled a traitor to North Korea by all supporters of communist ideology.

In each scene it is very apparent that Swing Kids would like to say that the consequences of the war were all scattered. Korea which was originally one became separate only because of ideological differences. That ideological warfare seems biased what is fought. Talking about history, even the Production Designer really works well. They matched the location, style of dress, and properties in the film like Camp Koje in the 1950s. On the side of the story, maybe because the formula is still the same as most Korean war films, it’s a matter of ideology. You will not find differences, the difference is only one Tap Dance. Tap tap tap. Top Movie

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