Uncorked (Netflix) – Review

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Uncorked tells the dream of a young man becoming a sommelier, entered the second group. After the opening scene accompanied by the fun of hip hop, we hear Elijah (Mamoudou Athie), who works in a wine shop, explain the matter of wine to Tanya (Sasha Compère). “Do you like hip hop?” Elijah asked. Tanya said yes. Then Elijah described wine one by one by likening it to hip hop musicians. Wine A is Jay-Z, wine B is Kanye West, wine C is Drake. The brief moment immediately made Tanya interested in Elijah, as I was in the film.

Elijah wanted to take the Sommelier exam, but was hit by the demands of his father, Louis (Courtney B. Vance), to continue the family rib restaurant business. At least someone defended Elijah. Who else if not the mother, Sylvia, played by Niecy Nash with the ability to cut intriguing sentences in the manuscripts of Prentice Penny’s (also sitting in the director’s chair), produces humor-freshening jokes. Best Movie Site

Uncorked is the friction between ribs that are more “rough and dirty” with wine that is identical to the impression of elegance. At first glance the opposite, but in the process, this film shows that the two can be side by side. After all, if you choose the type of jelly, wine is the right friend to enjoy while eating barbecue.

Finally, despite the inconvenience of dividing time with his work in the family restaurant, Elijah was determined to go against Louis’ wishes by enrolling in a sommelier school to prepare for the exam. Once on one occasion, Elijah worked overtime to be given permission to attend study group activities. We may all face similar problems. Parents are told to finish a task first before allowing us to do what we want. Talking about dreams that are contrary to the wishes of parents, Uncorked is indeed so close to everyday life.

Relevant, relatable, and firmly grounded in realism. Penny did not try to create a drama that was too dramatic. Even when the characters fight, there is no big explosion. Only small bursts represent family dynamics. As opposite poles are Elijah and Louis. It’s no secret that at the end of the story the two will make up, but this is not a melodrama that immediately makes Louis friendly and warm, then makes them hug each other while flooding tears. There is still distance because of pride. Movie Review

But Penny’s expertise plays non-verbal language, giving clear but gentle gradations, so that the audience can feel when the father and son begin to connect. The choice of conclusions also supports his speaking style. Uncorked is not a blue melodrama where miracles suddenly occur for the sake of emotion. The film was closed by an ending that remained firmly grounded in realism without having to dispel the warmth in hopes surrounding dreams. That dreams should not be locked up, even though like wine, the longer the dream is stored, the more enjoyable it will be when it finally comes true. Top Movie

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