Joint Security Area – Review

Joint Security Area films with mystery thriller genre starring Lee Young-ae, Lee Byung-hun and Song Kang-ho. The film was directed by Park Chan-wook and written based on the DMZ novel by Park Sang-yeon. This film tells the story of an investigation into shooting incidents that took place in the DMZ (Korean Demilitarized Zone) which became a dividing line between North and South Korea. This film successfully attracted an audience of ½ million in the first week of its premiere, which made it the best-selling film in the history of the Korean film industry at that time.

On one occasion, South and North Korea were provoked to start another war. This is because one soldier named Jung Woo Jin from North Korea was found shot dead in a gun in the border area. At the crime scene that occurred in the territory of North Korea, 2 South Korean soldiers and 1 North Korean soldier were found.

To mediate, Sophie Jean finally brought in. He is a soldier from Russia who is a South Korean citizen and asked to mediate and investigate this investigation. Sophie also interviewed the three soldiers who were named suspects. Top Movie

The two South Korean soldiers are Lee Soo Hyun and Nam Sung Shik. While the one from North Korea is Oh Kyeong Pil. Sung Sik was the first to be interviewed. When the question and answer process took place, Sung Shik did not confess and tell what happened. He instead tried to commit suicide by jumping from a window on a high floor.

After that, Sophie investigated Kyeong Pil who was from North Korea. He told how the beginning of these four armies could gather. Initially, they met in the field at night. After getting close, they often spend time together to joke. Best Movie Site

This incident began because the quarrel was found together in the border region. Afraid of getting punished, they also try to save each other so that no party is blamed. However, one of them shot Woo Jin to death. But Kyeong Pil didn’t mention who it was.

Finally, Sophie turned to interviewing Soo Hyuk. He asks Soo Hyuk to admit that he shot Woo Jin because of the firearm he was holding at the time. Soo Hyuk doesn’t want to admit mistakes that aren’t made. Tough negotiations made Sophie dizzy to solve this case.

At the end of the story, you will find who the soldier who fired a gun at this North Korean soldier. With the disclosure of this fact, the army under investigation was also threatened by its safety. Will they be able to survive until the story is finished? Movie Review

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