Confidential Assignment – Review

Confidential Assignment or known by the name Cooperation is a film that carries the comedy thriller genre, the film is directed by Kim Sung Hoon (A Wonderful Moment) and written by Yoon Hyun Ho (I Am Father, The Attorney), this film is directed by CJ Entertainment.

By signing Hyun Bin as the main actor of course this film gets a lot of attention for the most fans, recorded this film managed to reach an audience of 7.8 million, arguably quite a fantastic achievement. In addition to Hyun Bin, the film also stars Yu Hae Jin, Kim Ju Hyeok, Jang Young Nam, Yoona SNSD and a series of other stars. Best Movie Site

This film tells the story of Im Chul-Ryung (played by Hyun-Bin) is an officer of a special investigation team in North Korea. One day his team got an order to ambush a warehouse where printing fake money. Cha Ki-Sung who is Im Chul-Ryung’s boss (played by Kim Ju-Hyeok) with his team who has long been planning to steal a master’s plate to print counterfeit money. A shootout took place and in that incident Im Chul-Ryung was unlucky to be shot while the team and his wife who were also part of his team had to be killed on the spot. Movie Review

North Korean officials later learned that Cha Ki-Sung had fled to South Korea. Im Chul-Ryung was ordered to arrest Cha Ki-Sung and retrieve the stolen master plate. He was only given 3 days to complete his mission. For the first time, South Korea and North Korea decided to work together on an integrated investigation to arrest a group of mafias. While detective Kang Jin-Tae (played by Yu Hae-Jin) from Seoul was ordered to watch over Im Chul-Ryung while he was in South Korea.

When several other Korean films take the theme of how tense relations between the two countries, North Korea and South Korea, including how they try to send their spies as often portrayed in films that we often watch before, but in this film we will be shown how the two countries are building a partnership which they are securing ‘Integrated Investigations’ to capture a group of mafias who have become fugitives in North Korea. Top Movie

By carrying out the comedy thriller genre, this film is actually quite interesting from the start, our opening will be presented with some pretty cool action scenes even though there are parts that should look more dramatic but less so well explored, the selection of the main cast is very beneficial to the fall of this film attracts attention especially Hyun Bin, Yu Hae Jin and Kim Ju Hyeok that they are very suitable to play genre like this, the plot of the film is very predictable, the script is a little less focused in building tension for tension and cliches in some parts that make this film fall to the side of mediocre , Overrated actually.

Hyun Bin looked very total, some action scenes lived very well, his character was quiet and minimal dialogue. While Yu Hae Jin stays with her character that invites a lot of audience laughter like in the previous film ‘Luck-Key’ which was released a few months ago, entertaining even though comedy prefers her appearance in actual Luck-Key, Kim Ju Hyeok here looks very sexy despite playing the antagonist with his cruel and ferocious character, while SNSD’s Yoona character is less important it seems that the fall of the sticker is very unfortunate his acting is less exposed. Top Movie

Confidential Assignment is actually still entertaining but less memorable, films that tend to be easily forgotten. Games Online dan Offline

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