The Hateful 8 – Review

Best Movie Site Quentin Tarantino is a famous American director who is able to produce quality action films. One of the films he managed to make and received many awards was The Hateful 8.

In the film, Tarantino collaborates with 8 actors who act as the main actors in the film. The Hateful 8 was made using English as the language of instruction and made with a duration of 187 minutes. Judging from the storyline in the film, The Hateful 8 tells the story of 8 people who hate each other and have to gather together in the wrong situation and place. John Ruth and Major Marquis Warren were two legendary hunters who were in the same train with a fugitive named Daisy Domerge. Daisy is a fugitive which is valued at 10,000 dollars. When heading to the city of Red Rock, there is a blizzard that attacks and requires them to stop at a cabin. Movie Review

Inside the hut, they meet with Joe Gage, Sandy Smithers, Bob and Oswaldo Mobray. Inside this cottage, there are many scenes that will be watched by film connoisseurs. There are many scenes of violence to killings that occur in the film. If we review the movie The Hateful 8, we can see the different cowboy scenes that usually occur during cold weather. Robert Richardson who served as cinematography succeeded in making the film The Hateful 8 with good old west details. Not only that, The Hateful 8 managed to present an intense mystery dish. The mystery can be seen from the film characters that are not easily guessed and what motives are used by the characters in the film. If you pay close attention, The Hateful 8 is rich in dialogue voiced by the cast. The long dialogue is also equipped with good material and makes the connoisseurs of the film not feel bored when listening to the dialogue that is presented in the film The Hateful 8. Top Movie

Not only that, the cast of characters in the film have undergone a fairly strict screening. Each actor in the film gets the same portion as the main character in the film, Major Marquis Warren. Although Major Marquis Warren is the main character in the film, the seven other characters in the film also cannot be underestimated. John Ruth, for example, is the most charismatic figure in the film. Both John Ruth and Major Marquis Warren have dynamic scenes. The bookie fugitive named Daisy even became a figure to be reckoned with because he was able to become one of the nominees at the Oscar award.  

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