Escape Room – Review

The Colombia Pictures film produced by Adam Robitel is ready to give you a number of puzzles in the game with the lives of the players at stake. Curious as to what he cried? Best Movie Site

As the title suggests, the beginning of the film was opened by the introduction of 6 players with different characters and backgrounds. They are Zoey (Taylor Russel), Ben (Logan Miller), Amanda (Deborah Ann Woll), Jason (Jay Ellis), Mike (Tyler Labine), and Danny (Nik Donani).

They were invited to a game where each participant had to solve a puzzle and get out of the room to win 1 million US dollars. At first there was nothing strange, until finally strangeness after strangeness began to occur.

Participants are forced to solve challenges in the first room or they must burn alive if they fail. From there, everyone’s psychological starts to unfold, even the creator of this gila crazy game ’has studied the life history of each player to create the fear as real as possible until the lives of players at stake.

In terms of the story of the film “Escape Room” has a very interesting and tense theme. The audience is invited to join in solving the riddle of each room. Not to mention the short duration of each game makes each character must rotate their brains faster. Movie Review

The support of CGI scoring and polishing effects from each room also supports the tense atmosphere faced by each character. In short, you will probably be shocked by each scene they are breaking.

Unfortunately, there are also notes from writers that make this film feel lacking. First there is the exploration of each character. With a duration of about 100 minutes the manuscript written by Bragi F. Schut and Maria Melnik actually appear to enter all the backgrounds of each player. Even if for a little longer the red thread might hit better.

They seem to want to condense the player’s background and its relation to the puzzle in each room. As a result, getting closer to the end of a lot of puzzles are made speeding. The characters who used to need time to think suddenly became super smart and fast. Maybe you can get confused if you skip several scenes. Top Movie

The plot twist on this film is actually quite interesting to follow, but a number of viewers (especially those who don’t like the thriller genre) must be frustrated because the ending seems like a forced sequel. Not bad, just maybe not all of the Young Friends can like it.

Conclusion Games Online dan Offline

It must be admitted if “Escape Room” has a pretty neat plot. Unfortunately, the duration of the film which is only 100 minutes makes the story seem rushed. There are also a number of aspects of characters that are portrayed as clever, ambitious, opportunistic, and brave, as if they were thrown away unfortunately because of their exploratory responsibilities. The point is you will like this movie as long as you like the thriller genre through the touch of a puzzle and psychological someone. Conversely, if you do not really like the movie story that bear your satisfaction may not be paid.

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