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Ever imagined what it would be like if you lived alone on a planet without life? Or maybe you have watched it through several survival films. This time you will feel trapped on Mars through this one film. The film is based on the adaptation of Andy Weir’s novel of the same name, The Martian in 2011 tells the life struggle of a NASA astronaut named Mark Watney. Best Movie Site

After a mission to Mars, a team of astronauts, led by Jessica Lewis, was forced to leave early due to a big storm on Mars. In the midst of the storm, one Astronaut named Mark Watney was hit by debris from a transmitting antenna and flung him into the storm. The astronaut team could not find it and thought he was dead.

The NASA astronaut team finally flew towards Earth and left Mark Watney on Mars. Unexpectedly, apparently Mark Watney was still alive and he managed to save himself from the brunt of the storm. His body was badly injured but he still survived.

The problem is that Watney does not have anything to communicate with his colleagues. Not to mention the supply of food, water and oxygen on the planet is very limited. Watney must find a way to communicate with the NASA team, so that they know that he still survives on Mars.

Luckily Watney is a botanist. With its capabilities, Watney began farming in the badlands of Mars with available food supplies. But this will not continue to do, the NASA team must be able to save Watney before the supply of oxygen, food and water for its survival runs out.

Looks like this film is also one of the films that deceive us through trailer footage. But by no means does this film disappoint, it’s just that the expectations we expect from an astronaut’s survival story are not as dramatic and tense as imagined. In fact, this film is more full of sense of humor in it. Unlike the two space-themed films in the past two years, namely Gravity and Interstellar, the visual cultivation in the film The Martian is not the main treat. Movie Review

There is no impression of a lavish effect in describing outer space and the plains of the red planet where Watney is trying to survive. Planet Mars only looks like an endless arid desert. Animation effects are also not too prominent, unless you watch it in 3D format.

On the contrary, The Martian actually has strength in the dialogue that is presented between the cast. Not only on serious dialogue, but also lots of funny dialogues that will make viewers laugh throughout the film. Very unexpected if this film seems fun impression that is so flexible played by all characters.

As a science-themed film, of course, it must also highlight the serious part about science in the film itself. How Watney survived in the arid lands of Mars is all explained in quite detail. Watney must grow crops in barren land, and must make water from chemical reactions. Some things such as communication using a password and many numerical calculations are shown in the film, but this is a bit saturating and too long because the audience is more entertained with funny scenes or real plans for the rescue mission Mark Watney by NASA crews. Top Movie

Some things that seemed to be criticism were also conveyed through the film. What is the political attitude of the country, where NASA is too reluctant to take risky steps for various reasons, especially avoiding pressure from media crews. But on the other hand NASA also did not want its astronauts killed on Mars, while Watney had become the first human to farm there. And in order to save Watney, NASA could not help but undermine his ego by asking for help from other countries.

Reportedly the director Ridley Scott also uses some documentation from NASA to perfect the film. But one thing that is less biting from this survival film, is the impression of suffering experienced by Watney. As if Watney did not have a sense of despair when stuck alone on the planet Mars. Some scenes want to show Watney’s body weight which dropped dramatically, but only uses the character cast. Matt Damon, who played Mark Watney, did not really transform his body weight to play that role.

Mark Watney’s struggle will ultimately inspire the audience about the spirit of life with positive thinking. In contrast to other survival films that present a tense feel also with a dramatic backsound. At The Martian, the backsound that is played sometimes even arouses the audience’s laughter while the players perform silly acts. Games Online dan Offline

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