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The 127-minute film Heredity tells the story of the Graham family who had to deal with the irregularities left by their ancestors in connection with the Paimon demon sect. This film is the first work of director Ary Aster in a long duration film. Hereditary is played by Toni Collette (Annie Graham), Gabriel Byrne (Steve Graham), Alex Wolff (Peter Graham), Milly Shapiro (Charlie Graham) and Ann Dowd (Joan). Best Movie Site

Tells about Annie, a miniature architect who experienced a variety of strange events after the death of his mother. Annie has 2 children, Charlie and Peter. Charlie is a mysterious girl. He often draws, sleeps alone in a tree house, and his movements look a little strange. Annie always felt the eerie air in her house. But apparently not only Anine felt the strangeness, Charlie too, he had seen his grandmother’s spirit in the forest.

Annie who is busy with her miniatures is very focused on her work. One time, Peter asked for permission to go to a friend’s party, his mother had refused, but Peter insisted he wanted to go to the party. Annie then forces Charlie to come with Peter even though Charlie doesn’t want to leave. Charlie, who was left alone at the party, ate a nut cake which made him allergic to shortness of breath. Peter, who panicked, immediately took Charlie home and drove the car fast. But unlucky when Charlie pulled his head out of the window, Peter did not see that there was a pole on the side of the road, until finally Charlie died with his head chopped off.

Peter did not tell this, until the next day his mother was hysterical with what happened to Charlie. Annie and Peter’s relationship was not good. Luckily there was Peter’s father who always kept up with it. Annie also came to a forum to share about all her problems. Annie revealed that she had been abandoned by her mother and daughter. Annie was depressed, then later she told me about her bad relationship with her mother and how Annie’s family, including her sister, was depressed. Movie Review

In the gathering, Annie meets Joan, who also lost her beloved grandchild. One time, Joan talked to Annie that she succeeded in bringing her granddaughter’s spirit with a seance ritual. Annie was invited to Joan’s house to practice it, unexpectedly there was a communication between Joan and her grandchildren with a glass intermediary. The glass moved when Joan told him to move the glass.


Annie who did not believe, immediately panicked and frightened then left the place. However, in fact Annie was trying to practice it to call Charlie’s spirit. Annie uses the picture book Charlie always uses. Charlie’s father refused to do the ritual, but Peter, who felt guilty, wanted to try it. They also performed the ritual then Charlie’s presence was felt and made them panic and very scared.

After Charlie’s seance ritual, strange events began to arrive. Peter always feels Charlie’s presence wherever he is. Peter was almost killed when he was possessed by the demon Paimon until repeatedly banging his head on the table. Likewise with Annie, he had several strange events and was haunted by a nightmare that Peter had been killed. Due to various strange events that happened to her, Annie decided to find out what was wrong with her family until she learned that her biological mother was the leader of a demonic sect Paimon and Joan as members of the sect.

Taking the setting in South Lake City, Utah, America which is often a place setting for American horror films, the atmosphere of this film is indeed very scary from the beginning of the story. Dark lighting tones with dominant tosca and brownish yellow colors accompanied by gripping scoring do give an extraordinary creepy feel.

Even with a minimal Jump Scare, this film managed to provide maximum fear. Ari Aster is good at playing psychological games so we can feel scared throughout the film, scenes that seem ordinary but can provide anticipation of the next scene that gives a tense horror effect. The selection of players to fill the character slots in this film also deserves a thumbs up, with their gestures and expressions successfully conveying a slick mysterious impression. Top Movie

Although the rhythm is slow but this film provides endless tension. Disturbing elements presented by Ary Aster made us stunned. Maybe for some viewers, the ending of this Hereditary film seems confusing, but if we trace the events from beginning to end, the mystery of the rise of the demon Paimon will be revealed. As Ary Aster’s first feature length film, Hereditary was successful in conveying his goal as a horror film that made the heart beat fast.

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