What Men Want – Review

What Men Want tells about A sports agent named Ali Davis (Henson) who fights and succeeded in the promotion of the agency of the Boys Club where Ali Davis worked. Even Ali worked so hard that Ali was convinced he was promoted to partner by his boss named Nick (Brian Bosworth). But at the time of Ali passed to a partner, with honor instead of going to a fellow agent named Eddie (Chris Witaske), he is very angry. Best Movie Site

When asked for an explanation of why Ali died, Nick explain to him that he is well connected with other men on office. To prove himself, Ali vowed to be able to sign Basketball star named Jamal Berry (Shane Paul McGhie), though his father is strange and too involved, Joe Berry (Tracy Morgan). Next At a friend’s bachelor party named Mari (Tamala Jones), Ali meets with a psychic named Sister (Erykah Badu), who asks Ali to drink tea strange.

Coupled with minor head injuries that occur which are later in the evening when another party is out at a club, Ali gain the ability to be able to read men’s inner thoughts. So he found this with the help of his assistant named Brandon (Josh Brener), Ali decided to be able to take advantage of his newfound abilities can help him sign Jamal Bery and find the steps above the other men in the office, including his coworker named Kevin and Ethan. Movie Review

Ali is also romantically involved with a single father named Will (Aldis Hodge) who involved Ali’s scheme to win Jamal. Between his strength and desire to win, it remains to be seen whether Ali will be able to find a balance that will make Ali happy in the long run long.

The film is remake from the film What Women Want (2000), starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. When taking an old story and only exchanging gender, people will see it as a lazy attempt to create a new story from the old.

This film is a form of comedy conceptualized on stereotypes. Not the actual text that claims to know the thoughts of the opposite sex seriously. This is a recreational comedy. One was built to give a simple laugh from cliché generalizations. This is not a deep dive written by a Nobel Prize-winning psychologist who explores cognitive thinking or mental processes of male and female brain patterns. Top Movie

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