Titus : Mystery of Enigma – Review

The film Titus: Mystery of the Enygma offers this in an animation genre with a specific market share for children and families. Best Movie Site

The city of Steambourg is being confused with the problem of air pollution due to the flourishing industry in the city. The myth of a new clean and environmentally friendly energy source that comes from a device called Enygma is a hope for the city of Steambourg. But where is Enygma located?

Titus (voiced by Arbani Yasiz), an energetic and curious young earth mouse, tries to solve the Enygma mystery by trying to work in the newspaper. Unfortunately for him, Titus’s first task was to solve the case of the loss of toys from a rich kid named Pip. But unexpectedly, the toy was related to what Titus had been looking for. Together with Fyra (Ranty Maria) the technician and Bobit (Lukman Sardi) the best friend magician rabbit, Titus began an exciting investigation because he had to deal with criminals who also wanted the same thing.

In terms of story quality, the film whose script is based on the story of Liliana Tanoesoedibjo and the script by Doug Sinclair (Dex Hamilton and the Doomsday Swarm) is indeed very specific specifically for children with all family members. But the innocence of the characters and stories with the title ‘Mystery’ and the mystery itself does not make the adult audience curious to risk making the parents who accompany their children to watch feel bored. Movie Review

The film does have exciting action scenes that are dominated by romps but when the film becomes ‘fussy’ when stepping on the moment of investigation and interaction between characters. Indeed, the three main characters have specific characteristics, Titus the investigator, Fyra the technician and Bobit the magician. But all three are lacking in comedy moments. Practically only the humor of Bobit’s humor made a little smile, while the OCD Fyra’s nature that was repeated several times was annoying.

Director Dinesh Samby in this first animated feature length film seems to direct the film with child film templates as the audience segment, and it worked. He maximizes his characters in a lightweight script and combines them with the quality of production which, although still a beginner in the animation genre, should be appreciated. Games Online dan Offline

The animations shown in this film can be said to work well in the portrayal of the characters in the film which are slightly altered from the comic version. The action scenes are arguably working quite well. There are a few flaws in the design and artistic design of the City of Steambourg, which have felt less alive in several established scenes to depict a city full of industrial pollution.

Top Movie In the voice department there are no significant problems, except perhaps the inconsistency of dialogue that feels awkward in some parts. The moment of my and my improper use of one antagonistic character is a bit annoying. It may indeed be what is written in the script, but it would be nice for the voice of the voice, when recording sound also understand the dialogues and revise themselves so that consistency is maintained.

The animated film Titus: Mystery of the Enygma is a good sign for Indonesia’s increasingly diverse film industry. Although the story is too light even though with the title ‘Mystery’, this film does not go far from the main target audience of children who want to spend time watching movies in theaters with their families. Entertaining for children but potentially boring for adult audiences.

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