The Witch – Review

The Witch takes the same time setting when the ‘witch’ becomes a real and feared figure around the early 1600s. The story opens with the expulsion of the Williams family because of the problem of religious differences from a city in England. They finally moved and built a house near the forest to start a new life. The Williams family itself consists of seven members, Williams as the head of the family, Katherine as the wife of Williams, Thomasin as the oldest daughter, Caleb as the oldest son, Mercy and Jonas as twin brothers and sisters of Thomasin and Caleb, the last being a newborn baby, Samuel. Their move to the forest was initially a promising start with a variety of natural resources, but soon they were experiencing financial difficulties and they were having difficulty managing their agricultural fields. Not to mention a tragedy occurred when their youngest child Samuel who was still a baby had to mysteriously disappear at the beginning of the film.

The story continues on the condition and the Williams family relationship which began to crack because of Samuel’s disappearance. Thomasin, the eldest daughter in the Williams family, was blamed for Samuel’s disappearance. This becomes natural considering that Thomasin was the person responsible for taking care of Samuel when Samuel disappeared. The relationship between Thomasin and the family became tenuous, especially between Thomasin and Kate’s mother. Not finished Samuel’s problem, the economic conditions that were so bad also triggered the breakdown of their households. The second half played a lot with the Williams family relationship which is getting worse and worse. The situation also got worse when Caleb, the oldest boy in the Williams family, also disappeared in the middle of the forest. Best Movie Site

The chaos that continues to create more and more divisions in the Williams family. They accuse each other of being responsible for the misfortune and disappearance of Samuel and Caleb. Many viewers saw stories from Thomasin’s perspective that were actually innocent and only became figures accused without logical reasons. The number of oddities that occur makes the characters also begin to realize that there are other forces that disturb their peace. There were not too many gruesome scenes in the second half but through the chaos of the Williams family, the audience was given an interesting sequence when Caleb reappeared and was possessed by a mysterious force before his last breath. The story moves to the third round when the audience is increasingly surprised at the direction of the story which is arguably surprising and unpredictable.

With the preparation of extraordinary scenes, Robert Eggers managed to create an intense and tense scene. In fact, the figure of the ‘antagonist’ in this film that is the witch appears in a scene that is arguably very few. Robert Eggers proves that he can frighten audiences in other ways that are not mainstream or cheap. Movie Review

The film stars beautiful English-Argentinian mixed actress Anya Taylor-Joy as Thomasin. In fact, this film is Anya Taylor-Joy’s debut film as the main character in a feature film. Through this film he managed to show his acting skills that are not inferior to the actress with a longer flight hours. Ralph Ineson as Williams and Kate Dickie as Katherine also succeeded in bringing acting performance that was so realistic for both characters. The audience can believe and feel how Williams is so trusting and loyal to God. Meanwhile, Kate Dickie managed to provide anger, anger and sadness of a mother who must lose her child. Not forgetting the actors / actresses of Caleb, Mercy and Jonas, the three of them as child actors / actresses succeeded in giving awesome and reliable acting performance. Harvey Scrimshaw from Caleb even succeeded in some difficult scenes where he had to show pain as cursed by a witch. Mercy and Jonas, played by Ellie Grainger and Lucas Dawson, became an iconic and unforgettable brother duet. Top Movie

The Witch became one of the horror films that won various awards from 2015 to 2016. Indeed, using a plot that feels too slow but The Witch does not reduce the curiosity, tension and horror that this film presents. The success of the film The Witch certainly builds the enthusiasm of the next Robert Eggers film. This year, Robert Eggers’ second film, Lighthouse, has aired at the Cannes Film Festival with praise from various critics. Games Online dan Offline

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