The Peanut Butter Falcon – Review

The Peanut Butter Falcon actually raised the story of a man with Down syndrome as his main theme. Where this kind of theme has also previously appeared in other films such as Where Hope Grows, Yellow and Detective Downs. Best Movie Site

This film is about the escape of Zak (Zack Gottsagen), a man with Down Syndrome who cannot stand his repetitive activities in a nursing home, which is a place of refuge due to the absence of family members who want to care for him. Zak, who lives with parents, has a dream to become a great wrestler like Salt Water Redneck (Thomas Haden Church) and go to wrestling school as he often witnesses on his favorite VHS wrestling tapes.

His escape, which was assisted by a patient through a gap in his window, caused him to have to run away using only his underwear. The nurse, Eleanor (Dakota Johnson), who understood where Zak’s sole escape was after watching his VHS tapes, then chased after him.

On the other side is Tyler (Shia LaBeouf), a poor fisherman and in a state of mental collapse after the death of his brother. Being chased because of his vandalism at the dock of the ship after his employment contract was terminated, making Tyler had to move from one place to another. It was on this trip that Tyler finally met Zak, who then tried to adjust to each other. And together reach for dreams and learn about the meaning of life behind all the tragedies that occur. Movie Review

But what makes it look special is how the director and debutant writer of their feature films, Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz, mix various supporting elements such as action, drama and comedy into an ideal combination, without one having more color dominant. So practical, it makes this film appear in its own color even though it uses a theme that has also appeared in other films.

Top Movie Almost no plotting scenes were found that are less than ideal in this film. Both each scene that aims to convey the message of life, scenes that bring out a moment of emotion or excitement, to scenes with comedy punchlines that are able to shake the stomach, everything can be displayed in the right position and portion. So that the atmosphere that appears when enjoying this film is the same atmosphere as we read the novels of adventure and travel typical of Mark Twain.

It gets stronger as each scene blends with beautiful scoring by multi-instrumentalist Zachary Dawes, banjo player Noam Pikelny, composer Jonathan Sadoff and Grammy Award-winning violinist Gabe Witcher. The fourth collaboration produced a thick folk nuance with modern sound inserts that spoil the ears. Making every background music that is displayed so striking and blends perfectly into each scene.

Moreover, later added to the captivating soundtrack from the gospel group RnB 70s The Staple Singers, legendary folk musician Ola Belle Read to modern folk musicians Chance McCoy and Parker Ainsworth. Of course, the line of music is increasingly stabilizing the atmosphere of buddy road movies that are intriguing in this film. While from the side of acting it seems nothing is disappointing.

Zack Gottsagen who in the real world is indeed a Down syndrome, in fact is able to prove that the limitations of his body are not obstacles to reaching dreams. Zack proved that the value of life that he brought into the film, is really him in the real world. The shortcomings of the film itself actually only exist in a number of conflicts that seem less resolved, including some conflicts that appear to suddenly arise and then sink without further explanation.

In the end, The Peanut Butter Falcon is a film about a journey to find happiness and deeper meaning in life. An American dream, where everyone is competing to achieve it.

Everyone clearly deserves to pursue his dream. Everyone also deserves to find happiness. In fact, every person is worthy to determine their own way of life. Although then he has to go through various obstacles, especially against the limitations of his body.

Even everyone deserves a solid family, who support each other even though it comes not from a biological family, but from a friend who knows where they come from. Because as Zak said on his sailboat with Tyler, that a friend can become a family that is no less valuable.

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