21 Bridges : Review

The film 21 Bridges is a production of STX Films, and is directed by Brian Kirk, who is better known for directing TV series or mini series. Not only that, the film was also produced by Avengers: Endgame directors, Joe Russo and Anthony Russo, while the manuscript was done by Adam Ervis. Best Movie Site

This time Chadwick Boseman will play as a NYPD detective named Andre Davis or in this film called Dre who is investigating the brutal murder of 8 policemen committed by Ray (Taylor Kitsch) and Michael (Stephan James) who were given the task to rob 30 kg of pure cocaine in one of the wine shops to a major drug dealer on Manhattan Island and caused fatalities on the part of the police.

In order to narrow the perpetrators’ space and facilitate arrest, Dre ordered to close access in and out of the island of Manhattan, including 21 bridges connecting Manhattan with other cities. But in the course of this case it raises a variety of questions to the number of odd events. Dre felt strange and tried to find answers to the mysteries of the case. Can Dre catch the suspect in this murder case? And what is the mystery behind this robbery and murder case? Movie Review

Review – Although Chadwick Boseman is still overshadowed by the Black Panther character that he plays, his performance in this film is quite thumbs up to bring a character who is not adventurous, firm and intelligent. The presence of several famous actors such as J.K Simmons or Stephan James played well in bringing each character so that the film’s storyline was not too monotonous, while Sienna Miller here was not too developed acting and tended to be ordinary.

Setting the location on the island of Manhattan even though 85 percent done at night actually adds to the tense atmosphere in the film, the atmosphere of the city that has all access closed is well illustrated with a few points of view displayed. Scenes that trigger adrenaline from robberies, shootouts and the pursuit of criminals on the island of Manhattan is quite well presented and cool to be enjoyed. Top Movie

Overall 21 Bridges is a crime drama film plus action that offers a story with a simple and easy flow for the audience to enjoy, from the clear portrayal of the main character from the beginning of the story then the conflict that is presented as well as some chase scenes between the police and criminals as well as shooting inside this film also feels right portion in building tension and curiosity about the end of the story of this film. Although it will be trite with the way the story of this film, 21 Bridges is the right spectacle for those of you who want to escape or are bored from horror, romance or comedy films.

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