An Inconvenient Truth – Review

An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary film that tells about global warming which according to the scientists in this documentary film which interprets the situation of the natives who are experiencing very serious problems and becomes a deadly threat if it does not act immediately. In this film apart from the scientists, there is also a discussion that covers the realm of indigenous history, conditions now, and as a reference to describe the earth that will come. Best Movie Site

The film, starring Al Gore, presents the condition of the earth which is getting hotter because of the greenhouse effect. One of the facts presented is a photo of Earthrise taken from outer space which clearly shows that glaciers and lakes are shrinking, snow is starting to melt and coastlines are retreating. That is caused by infrared rays that should be reflected off the earth but cannot occur due to pollution and are not reflected but are instead held on earth. In detail or specifically Al Gore defines global warming as a condition where increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs) especially CO2 carbon dioxide, methane gas CH4 and N2O nitrous oxide caused by burning fossil fuels, deforestation and agricultural practices while these changes are characterized by abundant rain above average during the rainy season and prolonged drought in the summer. Global warming is a condition where the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere rises, so that the polar ice caps melt. Earth’s atmospheric temperature can increase due to the greenhouse effect. Because the amount of greenhouse gases (for example carbon dioxide, methane, etc.) in the atmosphere exceeds the limit, they hold the incoming solar heat so that the temperature on the earth is increasing. Movie Review

The impact of global warming that is told or shown by Al Gore in this film such as, the climate is starting to become unstable which results in the emergence of diseases related to heat and death. The second is the increase in sea level that occurs due to melting of ice that occurs at the poles. Third, the temperature tends to increase from time to time which has an impact on climate change that occurs in various countries. Fourth, regarding ecological disturbances such as animals and plants that are experiencing the effects of global warming which are largely controlled by humans. And there are social disturbances such as natural disasters that are usually accompanied by the number of deaths and displacement of people displaced to safer places.

In the end, this film contains a message for us to be more concerned with the natural environment around us as a place to live that we must guard so that it does not have a negative impact on us. In this film also invites viewers to become more environmentally friendly, changing daily habits that can adversely affect the earth’s environment. Top Movie

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