In The Tall Grass Netflix – Review

In The Tall Grass” is an Original Netflix This film was adapted from one of Stephen King’s novels with a similar title. There have been many films of this novelist with various original ideas, “In The Tall Grass” is one that has an interesting premise. Unfortunately, this film adaptation must be included in the team-film-adaptation-Stephen-King-who failed.

The film starts from the perspective of a woman named Becky who is on her way with her brother Cal to San Diego. Becky, who was in a state of pregnancy, suddenly felt sick and stopped at a quiet lane with grasslands and old church buildings. When they hear the boy’s voice asking for help in the tall grassland, Becky and Cal enter the field without knowing the bad luck that awaits them in the high deceptive reeds. Best Movie Site

Hearing an interesting premise and the label “Stephen King’s adaptation”, will certainly make us have high expectations for this one horror film. Not to mention the presence of actor Patrick Wilson who completes the casting lineup of this film. Like an item, “In The Tall Grass” has an attractive packaging but the contents are empty. This film does not have the essence and clear meaning in writing dialogue and the conclusion of the story. In the first few minutes, we will only be presented with a dialogue of each character who calls each other’s names and talks to one another.

In The Tall Grass
In The Tall Grass

Each character also does not have strong personality traits. Each character can change their mind in a few moments without a clear reason. Many of the decisions taken stupid cheesy horror movie style that will make us frustrated watching it. As a film adaptation of the novel, it seems that the director and writer of this film is not reading the novel as a whole to mature the material. The words in the paper and visually on the screen are two different media. Special skills are needed to bring the story of the novel to the big screen. Movie Review

One of the interesting concepts in this film is the mind-twisting plot. We will be presented with stories related to the parallel world of time with a fairly random timeline. However, we will be disappointed many times each time the timeline is open. As mentioned before, we will be frustrated by the ridiculous decisions made by each character.

Interesting concepts Games Online dan Offline and disappointing results that will repeatedly make us expect a satisfying plot twist. Unfortunately until the end of the story, we will not get an answer or meaning about; what actually happened to that sacred thatch? What’s in there? Screenplay writing for this film failed to provide answers to the audience visually or verbally. Top Movie

Even so, this film is quite tense and will surprise us with a few jumpscare in some scenes. The setting and terrain in the reeds also feels increasingly gripping near the end of the story. Not too disappointing, we will be presented with a ending that is enough to treat our trauma for 1 and a half hours the film lasts.

Overall, “In The Tall Grass” is a tense horror film but lacks essence. Making this film directly entered the ranks of the adaptation of Stephen King’s film that was not executed perfectly. However, it is quite entertaining and tense as watching on a weekend night with friends.

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