Month: March 2020

Start Up – Review

The Korean film Start Up is a drama comedy genre featuring the acting of Park Jung Min, Jung Hae In and Ma Dong Seok. Tells the story of a young man named Taek Il who lives alone with his mother. At the age of 18, Taek Il, who often disagrees with his mother, seeks to […]

Black Hat – Review

Black Hat stars Chris Hemsworth as the main actor playing Nicholas Hathaway, a professional hacker who is a prisoner of the US government due to bank burglary. But this time he was asked for help by the FBI on the recommendation of an old friend of Hathway who worked at the Chinese Ministry of Defense […]

Snowden – Review

Director Oliver Stone, bringing Snowden’s heroic story to the big screen. This biopic film titled Snowden exposes the crime of the United States superpower in utilizing information technology. The film opens with scenes of a meeting between Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Guardian journalist Glenn Greenland (Zachary Quinto) and documentary maker Laura Poitras (Melissa Leo) in […]

Zodiac – Review

In the period of the 60s to 70s in San Francisco there had been a series of murder cases, the culprit known as the Zodiac Killer. Not only did the serial killer, the perpetrator also sent various messages to various newspapers including some secret codes regarding his actions as well as his identity. This case […]

Searching – Review

Most of the films we watch are filled with fictional touches that often don’t make sense. But, the Searching film directed by Aneesh Chaganty appears different. Made in great detail. Almost the frame is a laptop or cellphone screen. Yes, that’s what our lives are like now. We prefer to mingle with laptop screens and […]

Memento – Review

Are you a fan of puzzles and secrets? If so, then you have to watch this Mystery and Thriller genre. This film tells the story of a man named Leonard Shelby (Lenny) who is looking for a rapist and murderer of his wife, but Lenny has short-term memory so that he is often used by […]

Yesterday – Review

Danny Boyle returns with his latest work titled Yesterday. Taking Richard Curtis as a writer, we will watch a romantic comedy fantasy film. All of them were showered with legendary Beatles songs. Yesterday tells the musician Jack Malik (Himesh Patel), a singer and songwriter who struggles to introduce his music to everyone in the city […]

1987 : When The Day Comes – Review

The film 1987 : When The Day Comes based on true story. In 1987 there was a Movement for Democracy in June led by students in South Korea. A doctor and a nurse who looked tense were in a van whose window was covered so they didn’t know where they were going. They were faced […]

Ghostbuster : Afterlife – Synopsis

While continuing the adventure of the ghost hunters, the Columbia Pictures re-introduced the latest film. With the title “Ghostbuster: Afterlife” has a different story from its predecessor because this time there are no more 4 scientists who roam the city of New York to hunt the ghosts. Through the trailer that was just released a […]

Friend Zone – Review

Friend Zone tells the friendship between Palm and Gink. The two of them have been friends since high school, ranging from skipping class together, to Palm willing to accompany Gink to accompany his father out of town. Their friendship is considered more by Palm. He actually kept feeling to Gink but was afraid to express […]