Month: March 2020

Tokyo Ghoul S – Review

In the movie Tokyo Ghoul, we see Ken Kaneki’s decision to live in the shadows. After defeating Mado and Amon, Kaneki is classified as a dangerous Ghoul and will be killed if his human identity is known by CCG, a special unit that handles Ghoul. Although Kaneki had accepted his fate as a Ghoul, now […]

Abominable – Review

As a result of DreamWorks Animation’s first collaboration with Pearl Studio in China, Abominable films relied on an adorable animated adventure. Adjusted to attract both markets, the premise looks normal because it has been told many times. But the film shown is quite charming and touching from the beginning to the end of the story. […]

Student of The Year 2 – Review

The idea of ​​the film Student Of The Year 2 comes from a combination of the old Indian film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai with the film Jo jeeta Wohi Sikander. Filming was taken on campus, but the question of their campus was full of dancing, fighting, romance, but there wasn’t a single scene about lectures […]

Section 375 – Review

Section 375 tells the story of Anjeli Dangle (Meera chopra) assistant costume designer demanding top director Rohan Khurana (Rahul Bhatt) who allegedly raped her at Rohan’s house, Rohan was soon arrested and sentenced to 10 years of entering the Prodeo hotel. Rohan’s wife used the services of Hotman’s top advocate eh Tarun Saluja (Akshaye Khanna) […]

Uri : The Surgical Strike – Review

With a minimalist budget this film is the maximum result. As a spectacle, this film is compelling. Actually there are several types of war genres that become classics including the film Border, Loc Kargil, which is really old school movie Haqeeqat (1964) etc. Only in this era, CGI is already sophisticated, so URI is more […]

Notebook – Review

A melancholy story wrapped in a romantic drama. The story is told by a first-person perspective but is written in a notebook. The flow that is delivered is very good, although back and forth and so fast, but easily understood by the audience. The setting is very supportive in making films which lasts 115 minutes. […]

Deliver Us from Evil – Review

Deliver us from evil was taken from a novel by author Ralph Sarchie and Lisa Coolier Cool, entitled Beware the Night and was made in 2001. The novel tells a true story about what happened to Ralph Sarchie, a New York City police officer. He was assisted by Lisa Coolier Cool who is a journalist […]

Start Up – Review

The Korean film Start Up is a drama comedy genre featuring the acting of Park Jung Min, Jung Hae In and Ma Dong Seok. Tells the story of a young man named Taek Il who lives alone with his mother. At the age of 18, Taek Il, who often disagrees with his mother, seeks to […]

Black Hat – Review

Black Hat stars Chris Hemsworth as the main actor playing Nicholas Hathaway, a professional hacker who is a prisoner of the US government due to bank burglary. But this time he was asked for help by the FBI on the recommendation of an old friend of Hathway who worked at the Chinese Ministry of Defense […]

Snowden – Review

Director Oliver Stone, bringing Snowden’s heroic story to the big screen. This biopic film titled Snowden exposes the crime of the United States superpower in utilizing information technology. The film opens with scenes of a meeting between Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Guardian journalist Glenn Greenland (Zachary Quinto) and documentary maker Laura Poitras (Melissa Leo) in […]