An Elephant Sitting Still – Review

Once upon a time, in China there was a city called Manzhouli. There was an elephant there who just sat and ignored the world. I was so impressed, this inspired the four protagonists of this film, to go there. But wait This film will not tell about how our four characters will go to Manzhouli, but will bring the audience into the exploration of the story of each individual as well as how the story is finally related to one another.

Our first figure is Wei Bu, played by Peng Yuchang, who is an unhappy student. Conditions that did not get along with the father who was lame, so he did not want to fight all the resistance before him had become daily food for him. Neither did Huang Ling, colleague Wei Bu, played by Wang Yuwen. Quite different, but Huang Ling has a condition that is less harmonious with the mother. This disharmony had an impact with Huang Ling who began to ignore friendship and amuse himself in his own way. Games Online dan Offline

An Elephant Sitting Still
An Elephant Sitting Still

Not only the stories of students. Hu Bo also presented a senior figure from the character Wang Jin, played by Liu Congxi. This grandchildren grandfather is faced with quite uncomfortable conditions. He was “forced” out by his son and son-in-law from his own apartment, due to better education funding for his grandchild. He is under threat of being transferred to a nursing home. Finally, the audience will get acquainted with Yu Cheng, the most bastard figure in this film played by Zhang Yu. Unlike the other characters, Yu Cheng has personal problems. Impingement to fuck his best friend’s wife turns out to muddy his life.

It should be noted that this film is quite difficult to watch. There are two reasons: First, the film is almost 4 hours long! So it takes quite a lot of time to be able to watch. Secondly, the pacenya itself is also quite slow, so the unusual one might get “tired”. But if successfully passed, actually this film is truly extraordinary. This film manages to capture the sadness and helplessness experienced by each character. Technically, this film is also extraordinary. Each scene consists of only one shot that is taken without interruption. In addition, this film also does not use artificial light at all, only utilizing available light. Crazy right. This film is the first and last work of its director, Hu Bo, who tragically committed suicide shortly before the film was released. The sensation was not because of his suicide, but how he filmed one of the stories that actually originated from his first novel. “An Elephant Sitting Still,” which is the title of the English literacy version, will bring the audience to enjoy a full day of stories from 4 victims of selfishness.

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